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Super Quick Thoughts on the Skill Tree

I love the customization options. I love the effects it has on actual gameplay. I hate how much time and energy needs to be poured into actually skilling out a mech. I hate the obfuscation of re-speccing.   A wise man once said “when developing a game, listen to what the player hates, listen to […]

Happy birthday to MetaMechs

A year ago today I made this site (technically, I posted this 1 year and 3 hours after I announced the site on reddit), and wowie it’s been a good time. We’ve had ups and downs, times when I’ve been too tired or burnt out to write for weeks at a time and times when I […]

Vlog Thing!

Prefixing everything with “Meta-” makes sense and is thematic and probably is good branding or whatever makes sense for marketing purposes buuut goddamn it feels grating and pretentious. Tried to outline future plans, current projects, whatever else.   Feedback is welcomed in the forums!

Quick Blog!

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick update on some shizz.   First of all, I just released an update to the Competitive Tier List. I was just wrapping it up when I realized that so little is changing (it’s just slight updates to optimal clan builds and placement) that I’m going to […]

Oh *there’s* my soapbox!

WARNING: None of the following have anything to do with MWO (except for that it has to do with, well, everything). Continue at your own leisure. I just wanted to share some things that I think are valuable and could always use more attention. So if you’re interested in becoming a better person (as in, […]

Weekly Blog #16 – Patreon Page and Plans for the Future!

Heyyyyy folkss. So first off, for those of you who maybe don’t want to donate through paypal, want a monthly option, or any other reason, you can check out my patreon page, complete with rewards, goals, and all sorts of shit! I’ll also update/upgrade it as I have time to! It makes more sense to me […]

Weekly Blog #14 – Upcoming Quirks

I suppose these are the big news of the week… As many of you can probably guess, I’m not a huge fan of most of the changes that were previewed. Note: This is all based on pre-release information which is, as far as I know, subject to change. My first reaction is that they sort of […]

Weekly Blog #13 – Fixing MWO’s Website

But GMan, what’s wrong with the website? WHAT THE FUCK AIN’T Disclaimer: half of this is from chit-chat with other people in SJR and maybe Jager’s stream I don’t remember the specifics. So thanks for letting me steal you fucks’ ideas.   Now let’s take a look at their website…the first thing a new player sees […]