Weekly Blog #14 – Upcoming Quirks

I suppose these are the big news of the week…

As many of you can probably guess, I’m not a huge fan of most of the changes that were previewed.

Note: This is all based on pre-release information which is, as far as I know, subject to change.

My first reaction is that they sort of help internal IS balance…I guess…but only a tiny bit. A lot of the quirks are aimed at making useless quirks more generic which can help.


Locusts slightly buffed, except for the 3M which lost its SPL specialty.

Orions buffed with durability through structure and some weapon quirks (on1-m is a winner), but not much really changed in terms of chassis viability.

Highlanders got the teensiest of buffs, 733 finally got missile quirks which is good.

Atlases get a tiny buff overall.

Cataphracts got a tiny buff on most variants, Ilya got considerably better

Quickdraws got a decent buff, but the 4H changed to a LRM mech which is dumb. A lot of the quirks focused on changing the roles of each variant.

TDR-9S got fucked on heat gen, but has better sniping now, sorta, thanks to the higher projectile speed.

BJ Arrow quirks are more appropriate but less good.

WVR-6K mighta gotten fucked. TBD if 4xLL is better or worse (but probably worse) than the old 3xLPL.

JM6-A got quirks changed to be generic which is very good.

RVN-2X got a bit better.

Battlemasters had a lot of role-switching stuff go on, though it’s far from certain if some of the new stuff will even be used.

CDA X5 and 3C got nice buffs, but the 3M got generic stuff that make it just as meh as it has been for a while.

Trebs got a few buffs and a lot of generic-style stuff

Griffins had some role redefinition and some nice buffs to the shittier variants

Spiders got a bit of a buff

Huginn got a teeny tiny buff


So, we’ll see what else happens next week, I’m sure I’ll be updating most of my tier lists accordingly. And, on to the build of the week!



This is what we’re looking at being the new WVR-6K build. Now, the question is whether it’s better or worse than the old one, and if it can stand up in the meta still. The build I’ll be using for comparison is my Wubverine.

Note: this was written before the info about (maybe?) changing ghost heat limit to 3. In effect, that doesnt change anything but the “Heat Generated (alpha struck with ghost heat)” section, but it means an alternative build such as this might be better. Probably not though, as 3 LL is pretty wimpy for firepower (the SHD-2K has fallen out of favor for exactly that reason).

  • Range
    • Pewverine: >600
    • Wubverine: <600
  • Alpha damage (with just primary weapons)
    • Pewverine: 36
    • Wubverine: 33
  • Beam Duration
    • Pewverine: .85
    • Wubverine: .67
  • Damage per .1 second of laser duration
    • Pewverine: 4.2
    • Wubverine: 4.9
  • Heat Generated (fired to avoid ghost heat)
    • Pewverine: 21
    • Wubverine: 16
  • Heat Generated (alpha struck with ghost heat)
    • Pewverine: 28
    • Wubverine: 18.4
  • Cooldown (including beam duration when alpha struck)
    • Pewverine: 3
    • Wubverine: 2.5
  • Heatsinks
    • Pewverine: 17
    • Wubverine: 16

I started out hopeful, but man this is gonna suck…that’s a pretty heavy nerf to the 6K. The ghost heat penalty looks pretty brutal, so most people will/should fire 2+2, which means that their effective beam duration will be 1.35 seconds at least…which brings its damage per tenth of second of beam duration down to 2.7, at higher heat than the wubverine alpha struck, with a bit more range and alpha damage but a significantly longer cooldown and not nearly as many/as effective backup weapons. The question is now becoming, what is there that could replace it as a medium-range IS medium? Is there anything that even could? The Shadowhawk has always been decent, but we all know that it hasnt been as dominant as the WVR-6K, and the medium range builds aren’t exactly fitting in with the meta at the moment. The QKD-5K might be decent at the role for similar tonnage, but more vulnerable and less brutal, plus it takes up a heavy slot instead of a medium. I’m expecting to see more Grid Irons and Shadowhawks for sure, maybe the WVR-6R, and maybe a shift to PPC mediums again. We shall see, and we will definitely need to see what (if any) other quirks are coming into play.


Thanks for reading! <3