While writing MWO Guides was not┬ámy main focus in making this site, it is definitely a strong secondary and I put them up pretty frequently – not as much as I would like but as time goes on, updating old ones becomes far more daunting a task than writing new ones.

This section of the site will house various guides I write, in particular the “Master Guides” series, but also less specific ones that I have written and will write. I am going to try to┬áperiodically update older guides in addition to writing new ones as inspiration strikes.

It should be noted that the links below may eventually break – I have in the past forgotten to update the portal pages when I change an existing sub-page. If that should happen, navigate to the page through the menu instead (that should never break) and maybe drop me a line if you don’t mind – [email protected] is a good way to get in touch with me.


Inner Sphere Master Guides

Clan Master Guides

L2P MWO Series

The Meta

Competitive Mech Buying Guide

Intermediate Guide to Mech Building

Building a Competitive Mech

Module and Pilot Skill Guide

Investing MC and making C-Bills in MWO