IS Variants Tier List

Welcome to the IS Variants Tier List!

Inspired by the original internal tier list used by PGI for the original quirks, I created my own version which will be updated as the game shifts. The unique feature of this tier list is that it includes every IS variant in the game, and that there is a build linked for each one optimized for PUG play.

What with the introduction of the Meta Tier List, I’ve decided to reformat this particular list to be builds which are most appropriate for that variant, rather than being the most optimized. Might sound dumb, but going for full-on optimization leads to a lot of cookie-cutter builds on variants with unique points that I would like to be using instead. I also wanted to try to keep each variant’s build distinct from that of the other variants of that chassis, but this isn’t always do-able.


Bushwacker Patch (27-Jan-2017)



Tier 1Battlemaster BLR-2CBattlemaster BLR-1G, Banshee BNC-3MMauler MAL-MX90

Tier 2Stalker STK-4N, Mauler MAL-1P, Battlemaster BLR-3SStalker STK-3HStalker STK-5SKing Crab KGC-000Banshee BNC-3E, Cyclops SleipnirStalker MiseryAtlas AS7-SAtlas AS7-D-DCCyclops CP-10-Q

Tier 3: Cyclops CP-11-P, Cyclops CP-11-ABattlemaster BLR-1S , Highlander HGN-732B, Highlander HGN-732Mauler MAL-2PZeus ZEU-9S, Battlemaster BLR-1DBattlemaster BLR-3M, Battlemaster Hellslinger, Stalker STK-3F, King Crab KGC-000BAwesome AWS-8Q, Stalker STK-3FbAwesome AWS-8R, Stalker STK-5MAtlas Boar’s Head, Cyclops CP-10-ZKing Crab KGC-0000, Victor Dragon Slayer

Tier 4: Victor VTR-9B, Zeus ZEU-5SHighlander HGN-733P, Awesome AWS-9MZeus ZEU-6S, Zeus ZEU-6TVictor VTR-9K, Victor VTR-9SZeus ZEU-9S2, Highlander HGN-733, Highlander HGN-733CHighlander Heavy Metal, Mauler MAL-1R, Cyclops CP-11-A-DCBanshee BNC-3S, Banshee La Malinche, Atlas AS7-D, Atlas AS7-K, Atlas AS7-RS

Tier 5: Awesome AWS-8T, Awesome AWS-8VAwesome Pretty Baby



Tier 1Grasshopper GHR-5PWarhammer Black Widow, Warhammer WHM-6RWarhammer WHM-6DGrasshopper GHR-5HBlack Knight BL-7-KNT-L

Tier 2Black Knight BL-6-KNTThunderbolt TDR-9SECatapult JesterJagermech JM6-DDMarauder MAD-3RQuickdraw QKD-5KQuickdraw QKD-4GBlack Knight BL-6B-KNT, Black Knight BL-7-KNTThunderbolt Top DogOrion ON1-VMarauder Bounty Hunter IICatapult CPLT-K2Rifleman RFL-5DRifleman RFL-3N

Tier 3: Catapult CPLT-A1, Catapult ButterbeeRifleman Legend Killer, Rifleman RFL-3CMarauder MAD-5M,Thunderbolt TDR-5SSCataphract CTF-3DThunderbolt TDR-5S, Grasshopper GHR-5N, Jagermech JM6-S, Quickdraw QKD-4HCatapult CPLT-C4, Jagermech JM6-AJagermech FirebrandCataphract CTF-0XPMarauder MAD-5DCataphract Ilya Muromets, Archer Tempest, ARC-5W

Tier 4: Cataphract CTF-3LCatapult CPLT-C1, Warhammer WHM-7S, Thunderbolt TDR-9S, Cataphract CTF-1X, Cataphract CTF-4XOrion ProtectorGrasshopper GHR-5JOrion ON1-VAOrion ON1-KDragon Flame, Dragon DRG-1NArcher ARC-5S, Archer ARC-2RCataphract CTF-2X

Tier 5: Orion ON1-M, Quickdraw IV-FourDragon DRG-1C, Dragon Fang, Dragon DRG-5N



Tier 1Enforcer ENF-4R

Tier 2: Griffin SparkyTrebuchet TBT-5JGriffin GRF-3M, Wolverine WVR-6KHunchback HBK-4PBlackjack BJ-1, Blackjack BJ-1DC, Blackjack Arrow, Crab CRB-27BHunchback HBK-4JHunchback HBK-4SP, Griffin GRF-2N, Blackjack BJ-3, Blackjack BJ-1XShadowhawk SHD-2D2, Bushwacker BSW-P1Shadowhawk SHD-2H

Tier 3: Bushwacker BSW-X1Bushwacker BSW-X2,  Hunchback HBK-4GShadowhawk SHD-2K, Blackjack BJ-2Cicada CDA-3M, Shadowhawk SHD-5MCenturion CN9-AL, Crab CRB-27SL, Bushwacker High RollerBushwacker BSW-P2Bushwacker BSW-S2Cicada CDA-2A, Cicada CDA-3F, Cicada CDA-2BCicada X-5Enforcer ENF-5P,  Phoenix Hawk PXH-2, Phoenix Hawk PXH-1K, Phoenix Hawk PXH-1BHunchback HBK-4HTrebuchet TBT-7M, Trebuchet Loup de GuerreKintaro KTO-20Shadowhawk Gray Death, Wolverine WVR-6RWolverine WVR-7K, Shadowhawk SHD-2DWolverine WVR-Q

Tier 4: Vindicator VND-1AA, Vindicator VND-1R, Crab CRB-27, Wolverine WVR-7D,Trebuchet TBT-7KGriffin GRF-1NCenturion CN9-A, Centurion Yen Lo Wang, Trebuchet TBT-3C, Centurion CN9-AHCrab CRB-20Enforcer ENF-4P, Enforcer ENF-5DTrebuchet TBT-5NGriffin GRF-1S, Kintaro KTO-18, Kintaro KTO-19, Kintaro Golden BoyHunchback Grid IronCenturion CN9-D, Phoenix Hawk PXH-1

Tier 5: Phoenix Hawk PXH-3S, Phoenix Hawk Kuroi KiriPhoenix Hawk RocVindicator VND-1X, Cicada CDA-3CVindicator St. Ives’ Blues



Tier 1Spider SDR-5KJenner Oxide

Tier 2Raven RVN-4X, Wolfhound WLF-2Firestarter FS9-S, Firestarter FS9-AFirestarter FS9-KRaven RVN-2XPanther PNT-10K, Locust LCT-1E

Tier 3: Locust Pirates’ BaneLocust LCT-1VJenner JR7-FFirestarter FS9-HFirestarter EmberWolfhound WLF-1AWolfhound WLF-1Raven RVN-3LWolfhound WLF-1BUrbanmech UM-R60LJenner JR7-D, Jenner JR7-K, Spider SDR-5D, Panther PNT-9RPanther PNT-8Z

Tier 4Locust LCT-3MRaven HuginnCommando Death’s KnellUrbanmech UM-R60Locust LCT-1MLocust LCT-3SUrbanmech UM-R63, Panther PNT-10P

Tier 5: Locust LCT-3V, Commando COM-1DCommando COM-1BCommando COM-3A, Commando COM-2DSpider SDR-5V, Spider Anansi


Change Notes

I think I’ll need to do something with this, we’re reaching a critical failure of readability. Not a whole lot moved about on here, yell at me if you think that’s dumb.


  • Moved up a few Victor variants. Lots of mechs got some love, but the Victor got like 5 buffs.


  • Added the Bushwacker. Lots of the variants are quite same-y, so most are in Tier 3 near one another, but the BSW-P1 stood out to me, and I liked the -X1 and -X2 as well.