Classified Tier List

So all my tier lists have been me listing and ranking mechs and their best builds. Which I’m happy with. But I wanna do something else too. Looking at the most powerful mechs gives you a good idea of what specifically is powerful, but I want to look at the games balance at a higher level. So right now, I’m looking at doing a tier list of build archetypes in general. I came up with 10 basic build types and looked at how effective each is at the game, and for each class. The reason I decided to include differences between classes is that each class does have different options open to it. For example, in the Gauss Vomit vs. Laser Vomit area, you just end up with too much tonnage for pure Laser Vomit in most Assault mechs, but not enough in most Mediums, with heavies generally being the sweet spot (and lights totally incapable apart from the Adder). You can see my original non-class-based list here.

This will be much smaller than my other tier lists (there are only so many ways to play the game), and I’ll include a description of each build archetype below the list. Eventually, they will all also link to a L2P guide about them, but I haven’t created most of those yet.


Cyclops Patch (30-August-2016)



Tier 1DakkaPPFLDMid-Range Lasers,

Tier 2Long-Range Lasers, Brawl, Skirmishing, Gauss Vomit

Tier 3: Sniping, Hybrid LRMs, Hybrid Brawl, LRM Boat

Tier 4: Streaks



Tier 1: PPFLD, Dakka, Mid-Range Lasers

Tier 2Sniping, BrawlGauss VomitLong-Range Lasers

Tier 3Skirmishing, Hybrid Brawl, Streaks

Tier 4: Hybrid LRMs, LRM Boat



Tier 1: Long-Range LasersBrawlPPFLDDakka

Tier 2Mid-Range Lasers, Skirmishing

Tier 3: Streaks, Hybrid Brawl, Gauss Vomit

Tier 4: LRM Boat, Hybrid LRMs



Tier 1: Brawl

Tier 2: Mid-Range Lasers

Tier 3: Skirmishing, Long-Range Lasers, Streaks, PPFLD

Tier 4Gauss Vomit, LRM Boat, Hybrid LRMs, Hybrid Brawl, Dakka


Sniping: This style of play focuses on boating weapons such as the Gauss Rifle and ER Large Lasers, to get a lot of damage out at maximum range.

Long-Range Lasers: This is based around getting out DPS at long range with weapons like the Large Laser and cLPL, sometimes with shorter-range backup lasers.

Mid-Range Lasers: These builds boat mid-range weapons like the LPL, Medium Laser, cER Medium Laser and cMPL, usually with a focus on high alpha strikes.

Gauss Vomit: Combines the medium/long range lasers of Laser Vomit with a Gauss Rifle for extra precision and heat-less damage.

Skirmishing: Plays at a sweet spot between short and medium range, sometimes even using brawling weapons but mainly with more niche weapons like the AC/10 for great DPS.

PPFLD: Stands for pinpoint front-loaded damage, uses such weapons like the Gauss Rifle, PPC, and the Autocannons 5, 10, and 20 to get focused damage on a specific spot.

Dakka: Lays down high DPS using rapid-fire autocannons like the AC/2, AC/5, U-AC/5, and all clan U-AC’s short of the 20.

Hybrid LRMs: Uses mostly medium-range weapons with some backup LRM launchers.

Hybrid Brawl: Uses mostly medium-range weapons with some backup brawling weapons (usually SRMs or Streaks).

Streaks: Boats a lot of streaks (almost always clan) and not much else. If the streaks are more supplemental, the build is usually Brawl or Hybrid.

LRM Boat: Boats a lot of LRMs and not much else. If the LRMs are more supplemental, the build is usually Hybrid.

Brawl: Uses short-range weapons such as (c)SRMs, (c)Streaks, (cU)AC/20, ML, MPL, SL, SPL, cERSL, cSPL, (c)MG, and any LBX to do super-high damage at very short range (usually sub-200).


Change Notes

Probably the last update to this list before Ghost Heat 2.0 screws everything up, this focuses on how the meta’s been shifting due to some important releases (lol kodiak), nerfs to certain mechs (RIP Black Knight), and general trends that we’ve seen (Hunchadoozie OP).



  • Dakka and PPFLD moved up thanks to the Kodiak and its impact on the viability of other mechs


  • Dakka and PPFLD moved up due to nerfs to their competitors
  • Sniping and Brawling moved up since they’ve been growing in strength in certain situations
  • Long-Range Lasers and Skirmishing moved down as they’ve been getting weaker in general with less of a niche


  • Long-Range Lasers moved up and and Medium-Range Lasers moved down due to the higher risks in being in that middle range
  • Brawl moved up since it’s kind of the medium mech niche
  • PPFLD and Dakka moved up in large part thanks to the Hunchback IIC, but also mechs like the SHD-5M and BJ-3 have been charming me
  • Skirmishing moved down as it hasn’t really been proving itself