Clan Variants Tier List

Welcome to the Clan Variants Tier List!

While right now there might not be all that many chassis and variants out there for the Clans, I still wanted to start a basic tier list for it along the same lines as the IS variant tier list. Right now, there’s only enough mechs for 3 tiers really (and not even that for all weight classes), but I’ve made unique builds for each unique variant.


Huntsman Patch (31-Oct-2016)



Tier 1: Kodiak KDK-3Kodiak Spirit BearKodiak KDK-4

Tier 2: Dire Wolf DWF-SDire Wolf DWF-WDire Wolf DWF-BDire Wolf DWF-Prime/AKodiak KDK-2Kodiak KDK-5Kodiak KDK-1Executioner EXE-Prime/A/B/C/D

Tier 3Highlander IIC HGN-IIC-CWarhawk WHK-CWarhawk WHK-BWarhawk WHK-A>PrimeHighlander IIC HGN-IICGargoyle GAR-D,

Tier 4: Highlander IIC HGN-IIC-BHighlander IIC HGN-IIC-AGargoyle GAR-PrimeGargoyle GAR-A>B/C



Tier 1: Night Gyr NTG-Prime/A/B/C/D/JKTimber Wolf TBR-STimber Wolf TBR-A/C/DTimber Wolf TBR-Prime

Tier 2Summoner SMN-D>B/C/F/M>PrimeHellbringer HBR-Prime/A/B/FEbon Jaguar EBJ-Prime/A/B/C

Tier 3: Orion IIC ON1-IIC-C, Orion IIC ON1-IIC-BOrion IIC ON1-IIC-A

Tier 4: Orion IIC ON1-IIC, Mad Dog MDD-B>A>C>Prime



Tier 1Hunchback IIC HBK-IIC-AHunchback IIC HBK-IICHunchback IIC HBK-IIC-C

Tier 2Nova NVA-B>A>Prime>D>S>C, Huntsman HMN-A/B/C/PHuntsman Pakhet, Huntsman HMN-Prime

Tier 3Stormcrow SCR-Prime/A/B/C/DShadow Cat SHC-Prime>A>P>BHunchback IIC HBK-IIC-B

Tier 4: Ice Ferret IFR-C>B>AIce Ferret IFR-DIce Ferret IFR-Prime, Viper VPR-A, Viper Medusa, Viper VPR-CViper VPR-Prime/B/D



Tier 1: Arctic Cheetah ACH-Prime>A>B>C, Jenner IIC JR7-IIC, Jenner IIC JR7-IIC-A

Tier 2Jenner IIC JR7-IIC-3Jenner IIC JR7-IIC-2Adder ADR-Prime/A/B/D

Tier 3Kit Fox KFX-Prime/C/D/S, Mist Lynx MLX-Prime/A/B/C/D


Change Notes

Most of the changes revolve around the addition of the Night Gyr and Huntsman, as well as a few of the new loyalty mechs/omnipods.



  • Added an extra Tier
  • Added Night Gyr to the top
  • Moved Summoner up to top of Tier 2
  • Moved ON1-IIC down
  • Updated the Hellbringer


  • Added an extra Tier
  • Added Huntsmans to Tier 2