Meta Tier List

Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Meta Tier List.

This list focuses on giving an overall vision of the current balance between mechs in the game. I do this by looking at the strongest build(s) for each mech, and judging them against one another, ignoring things like weight class and range.

Due to the number of mechs in the game and how close the balance is, there is little differentiation in the power levels of mechs within each sub-tier. I’ve done some ranking within sub-tiers, but most of it isn’t terribly strict.

The old focus on including every variant proved unsustainable, but I like the new format much better.

  • Every chassis will have at least one build ranked on this list.
  • In order to have multiple builds listed here, the builds must be different enough, notable enough, and good enough for me to consider it worthwhile.

This cuts down on the wall of text, makes it easier to update, and I feel it helps clarity by removing clutter. If you liked the old way better, sorry, but the Clan and IS variant tier lists will still include all unique variants.

Basic description of the Tiers:

  • Tier 1: Reliably awesome mechs
  • Tier 2: Unreliably awesome, or reliably good mechs
  • Tier 3: Unreliable and/or mediocre mechs
  • Tier 4: Extremely unreliable and/or bad mechs


Bushwacker Patch (27-January-2017)

Tier 1

High: Dakka Kodiak KDK-3 | Gauss & ER PPC Kodiak KDK-3 | Poptart Night Gyr | Poptart Timber Wolf TBR-Prime/A/C/D

Low: Large Pulse Battlemaster BLR-2C | Laser Vomit Battlemaster BLR-1G | Dakka & PPC Warhammer WHM-6R | Dakka Warhammer Black Widow | Dakka Night Gyr | PPFLDakka Marauder IIC | ER PPC Summoner | ER PPC Hunchback IIC HBK-IIC-A | Gauss Vomit Timber Wolf TBR-S | Laser Vomit Timber Wolf TBR-A/C/D

Tier 2

High: UAC/5s Dire Wolf | UAC/10 Hunchback IIC HBK-IIC | Dakka Mauler | UAC/5 Hunchback IIC HBK-IIC | Brawler Kodiak Spirit Bear | Dakka & PPC Marauder | Laser Vomit Warhammer WHM-6D | Large Laser Grasshopper GHR-5P | Laser Vomit Grasshopper GHR-5H | Laser Vomit Hunchback IIC HBK-IIC-A | ER PPC Nova

Low: UAC/5 Cyclops | Small Pulse Nova | Gauss Vomit Dire Wolf DWF-W | Large Pulse Banshee | Laser Vomit Black Knight | UAC/5 Jagermech | SRM6 Griffin | Dakka King Crab | Laser Vomit Catapult Jester | Small Pulse Arctic Cheetah | Large Pulse Spider | Large Pulse Thunderbolt | Brawler Bushwacker | Poptart Huntsman | ER Med Jenner IIC JR7-IIC-A | Splat Jenner IIC JR7-IIC

Tier 3

High: Brawler Atlas | Dakka Vomit Cataphract | UAC/5 Shadow Hawk | Laser Vomit Enforcer | Small Pulse Jenner IIC JR7-IIC-A | Dakka Vomit Highlander | Large Laser Stalker | ER PPC Linebacker | Brawler Jenner Oxide | PPC Awesome | Gauss Vomit Ebon Jaguar | Laser Vomit Hellbringer | Laser Vomit Stormcrow | Laser Skirmisher Blackjack BJ-1X | Med Laser Locust

Low: Dakka Vomit Highlander IIC | Gauss Vomit Warhawk | Dakka Vomit Orion | SPlat Summoner | Splat Catapult CPLT-A1 | Large Laser Quickdraw | Large Pulse Wolverine | Laser Vomit Executioner | Splat Mad Dog | Large Pulse Crab | PPC Blackjack BJ-3 | Large Pulse Shadow Cat | Med Laser Cicada | Med Pulse Firestarter | Laser Vomit Rifleman | Laser Vomit Hunchback | Laser Vomit Trebuchet | ER Med Ice Ferret | PPC Panther

Tier 4

High: Brawler Gargoyle | Dakka Vomit Orion IIC | Laser Vomit Adder | Large Pulse Raven | Med Laser Wolfhound | Poptart Victor | Laser Vomit Zeus | Large Pulse Centurion | Laser Vomit Archer | Small Pulse Kit Fox | Laser Vomit Urbanmech | Large Laser Dragon | Laser Vomit Viper

Low: Large Pulse Kintaro | PPC Vindicator | Med Laser Phoenix Hawk | Med Laser Commando | ER Med Mist Lynx

Change Notes

It’s been a while since I updated this. Feels really bad, but I’ve been having trouble getting myself properly motivated to play the game, and I’m not gonna feel good about updating stuff if I’m out of touch with the game itself. I’ve been playing quite a bit more in the last couple of weeks, but still, I’d love to hear what you guys think deserves to be moved up on this list, or kicked to the curb; check out the reddit post or the MM forums if you’re interested in helping me out with that.

That being said, I did quite a bit to update the nitty gritty based on what’s changed in the last few patches: Clan Wave 1 heroes, the Linebacker, the Marauder IIC, and the Bushwacker being the main points. In addition, I tweaked a few rankings that I felt were too high or low. The main problem I’m getting right now is that so many of the low-ranked mechs have me thinking, “man, that thing is so good why is it Tier 4?!” And then I look over the mechs above it and go “oh, yeah.” So if you see a mech ranked way too high and think I’m crazy, please convince me.