Super Quick Thoughts on the Skill Tree

I love the customization options.

I love the effects it has on actual gameplay.

I hate how much time and energy needs to be poured into actually skilling out a mech.

I hate the obfuscation of re-speccing.


A wise man once said “when developing a game, listen to what the player hates, listen to what they love, ignore any proposed solutions, and come up with your own” (yeah that’s a major paraphrase but who cares). But in case anyone’s listening:

  • Make the damn thing smaller
  • Make it so that if the mech does not have enough Mech XP to respec into a node, it will only let you select GXP
  • Change the armor nodes to add flat armor points to sections based on the mech’s tonnage and max armor in those sections
  • Just like, have a good day and stuff maybe?


Love ya,