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MetaMechs Skill Tree Resource

It’s not quite a guide, but it’s not quite not a guide. I really hope that this helps – it’s such a weird, convoluted system that I’m not sure that this is the best approach to take, but at the very least I hope it gives you some ideas for how to put together your […]

All Tier Lists Updated

Competitive Meta IS Clan Classified I spent a couple months more or less on break, and I’ve been getting back into it over the last couple of weeks. I’d love to hear your feedback and how your own experiences have differed from mine on either reddit or the forums here. And yeah, the IS list […]

Master Guide Episode 50: Kodiak

Fuck, it’s been a while. I’m taking it easy on updating Master Guides for the time being because it feels like the energy draw system is either gonna be this month or next, and it’s likely to really mess everything up. But I gotta write about the Kodiak, yaknow? Just gotta. <3G

IS, Meta, and Classified Tier Lists Updated

IS Meta Classified I thought I’d end up updating a lot more but…this is the first patch in a long time that didn’t really invoke big balance changes. But that means that balance has been stable enough for me to feel good about massive updates to the Classified Tier List, which is the most-changed of […]

Comp, Meta, IS, and Clan Tier Lists Updated

Comp Meta IS Clan We’re still in prototyping for the Meta Tier List. Right now, the concept is that every chassis will have one highlighted build, and if a chassis is good enough to have multiple builds that would place in the top couple of tiers (or are just that unique), those builds will be tiered […]

Comp, Meta, IS, and Clan Tier Lists Updated

Comp Meta IS Clan Cards on the table…I don’t feel good about the Meta Tier List. There are just too many mechs in this game, and I have trouble even focusing my eyes on it all, which is a huge reason for why it took me so long. And I am not happy with Tier List Updates […]

Master Guide Episode 49: Rifleman

That C-Bill release really crept up on me. Seriously though, you guys. After spending the last month (and the next one…) updating guide after guide, it feels so good to make a new one. You have no idea. I mean, updating guides is good, and having them up to date is important to me so I want […]