Timber Wolf

Updated 13-Dec-2015

Still one of the best mechs in the game.



The Timberwolf was once the most overpowered mech in the game. It may not be quite so extreme now, but it remains the most versatile and one of the most powerful mechs. Really, it’s the sort of mech that everyone should get because it’s just so strong, and when I say versatile I mean it – it can basically do anything in the game.

There are currently 5 variants in the game – the TBR-Prime, A, C, D, and S. Of these, the A, C, and D all have identical CT’s, which means that you only really need one of those. However, the TBR-Prime is just worse than the other variants, so you may prefer to choose two of the duplicate CT’s along with the TBR-S, which is arguably the best CT (though it’s a tight race with the A/C/D). Due to the lack of CT quirks, choosing between the A, C and D can be simultaneously a difficult and incredibly unimportant decision. My recommendation is to get the TBR-S (very important variant, always get this one), the TBR-C (it brings a very important RA omnipod, as well as a sometimes-useful LA omnipod), and the TBR-Prime (important side torso and RA omnipods). Yeahhh the TBR-Prime is the worst, but it’s still friggin badass, and there’s a good chance that it will get quirks in the future. Plus, I just prefer to get a little variety going. But if you don’t care for any of that reasoning and just want the most badass leveling experience, I’d go for the TBR-A as your third variant cuz that LT is bomb as fuck.


Chassis-Wide Information


  • Great firepower with the most pod space of any Clan heavy mech (after taking into account locked heatsinks and jumpjets), in addition to a really really REALLY nice assortment of hardpoints which singlehandedly revolutionized the game (not necessarily for the better but…yeah).
  • Amazing maneuverability thanks to its naturally high speed for a non-light mech and its badass jumpjets. It’s a huge element of the reason why Dire Wolves can get fucked with ease if the team leaves them behind, both because they can catch slow mechs out with ease and because Timber Wolf pilots have a tendency to leave their assaults behind.
  • Great hitboxes. Not the most broken, but they let you shield effectively and can spread damage pretty well on their own most of the time as long as you don’t just stand still or something.
  • Basically the Timber Wolf is both the jack of all trades and the master of all trades. It has competitors and alternatives, but at the end of the day…it’s just. So. COOL!



  • Your TBR-S side torsos have the jumpjets locked into them now, which restricts your ability to mount the weapons you were once able to, not to mention that most of the time you end up taking an extra jumpjet.
  • Negative quirks restrict you from using the most ridiculous of builds – you can grab up to 9 energy hardpoints, but you’ll have to swallow a 16% increase in beam duration and cooldown if you do, which is…considerable.
  • Besides that…I mean, I guess it doesn’t have ECM or MASC? The Timber Wolf’s schtick is kind of that it doesn’t have real weaknesses.


Generic Tips

  • You can trade against pretty much any single mech in the game, except for the Dire Wolf or maybe the King Crab, just try not to trade against multiple mechs at a time by yourself.
  • As long as you’re not running hot or super damaged, you should be shooting your weapons whenever they come off cooldown. This applies to pretty much every build but the super brawly ones which kinda have to close first. But seriously, you’ve usually got the range, the firepower, the heat…just everything. Shoot the bad guys. Sounds simple but I see a lot of people miss out on this, too content to wait for the action to come to them. BE BOLD!



For those of you who are not familiar with the general format, here’s how it goes (and it is different from the IS ones). We’re going to be identifying build archetypes that the mech can do, and list them in order of how awesome they are (previously I’ve sorted by range, but I’m phasing that out). I tend to either label the archetype by what their weapons and playstyle is or occasionally by name.

We’ll look at a central build or builds to fit each archetype; generally either one which can be built out on all variants, or a specific one for each variant if the variants have distinct Center Torsos. Oftentimes, there will also be alternative versions of the same sort of build which function differently in some way.

In general, the variants which can run a build will be listed in order of which does it better (obviously the best one comes first). If they’re all the same, I’ll put the Prime variant first and then list the others alphabetically.

Each archetype has one paragraph about the build itself – going over anything I feel is relevant to understanding it such as quirks, tonnage issues, how it fits the meta, my general feeling about it…just whatever. And then there’s a paragraph about using the build, going over tactics, tips, and again whatever I feel is relevant to that stuff, including links to L2P guides, on occasion.

The modules are listed in order of which one is most important and the consumables I’ve listed are the ones that are generally the best, but while leveling the mech you may want to swap the less important consumable out for a UAV. That is, if you can afford to use consumables at all (they aren’t necessary, just nice, and if you’re low on C-Bills they’re not necessarily worth it).

On with it!


Gauss Vomit

These builds were pretty much the best before the recent patch, and they’re actually a lot stronger than most people think afterwards, too. Crazy damage, good DPS (if a bit lower than before), and all with the option of using your heat-free weapon if you’re running too hot. The build on the TBR-Prime is also do-able on the TBR-A/C/D, and may even be better there, but I wanted to present both options.

Focus on getting good trades, back off if you’re getting out-traded due to high heat or just too many enemies, and hell if you’re not getting shot back at just keep Gaussing when you’re too hot for anything else. These builds are unique among Gauss Vomit builds for the range at which they can engage, and if you stay outside of, like, 600 meters you should win trades against anything but whales, flat-out.. For more on Gauss Vomit, check out the guide I wrote!

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation

Weapon Modules: Gauss Cooldown, cERML Range

Consumables: Cool Shot, Artillery Strike

This build focuses on the shorter end of medium range, and minimizes the negative quirks that builds running the TBR-A LT get.


Laser Vomit

These builds are all about power. Though the TBR-S has the most heatsinks thanks to having one less jumpjet, I’m not a huge fan of the way the weapons get arranged and the TBR-C is, in my mind, far superior. But all 3 of these possibilities are pretty damn strong, even if they’re not quite what the meta’s all about anymore (and the way the TBR-Prime is laid out just…feels right to me…). Heat’s an issue, but it dissipates quick and 54 damage is enough to be worth running a little toasty.

Shoot the bad guys, shield with your right side, don’t die. Any time you can alpha strike is a great time of course, but hill humping with your LT pretty damn special, particularly when you’re running hot and are at long range. For more on Laser Vomit, check out the guide I wrote!

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation, Seismic Sensor

Weapon Modules: cERML Range

Consumables: Cool Shot, Air Strike

This one sacrifices the high mounts to get rid of the negative quirks from the TBR-A LT.


UAC Vomit

Mixing a lil dakka with a little bit o’ pew. Pretty impressive end result. Not for the faint of heart, though – this will have you doing two things which can both be scary. The first is facing down an enemy mech while you desperately spam your UACs and pray to whatever deity you subscribe to that they don’t jam. The second is riding the heat threshold like a raging bull that’s gonna gut you if you slip up for a half a second. Good luck.

So yeah there’s a couple of things I recommend to mitigate those two disasters. The first is to remember to shield – if continuing to fire means you’ll take more damage than you can bear, just let up on the bad guys for a second so you can shield and/or get into cover. Just cuz your weapon’s off cooldown doesn’t mean you’ve got to shoot it. This is especially true when you’re running hot or jammed up – if nobody’s shooting at you or whatever then you can continue taking pot shots whenever, but don’t stand out in the open waiting to cool off/unjam. The second is to keep your range. The mechanic of the Clan UAC/10 can be unpleasant to play with at range when you’re trying to use your cERMLs as well, but it has some really nice range on it. If you can avoid brawling for as long as possible, it just means you’ll be fresher when the time comes to close.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation

Weapon Modules: cERML Range, cUAC10 Cooldown

Consumables: Cool Shot, Artillery Strike

It’s not all that great, but it’s about as much dakka as you can fit on a Timber Wolf. If that’s your fetish, go for it!

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation, Seismic Sensor

Weapon Modules: cUAC5 Cooldown



Yay! Brawling! It’s actually legitimately viable now – whodathunk! These builds are utterly devestating at short range – pretty decent heat efficiency with insane DPS and alpha strikes. The only thing that isn’t completely perfect for it is the slightly awkward horizontal SRM spread, but even that doesn’t matter much against bigger mechs. Getting into range can be a difficult, but it is well worth it.

The Timber Wolf plays like a normal brawler for the most part; wait for an opportune moment, get in close, and hit ’em where the sun don’t shine. You have to be very proactive when it comes to shielding or you’ll be an easy target, but the Timber Wolf is tanky enough to put out a few hundred points pretty much no matter what, as long as you get in range. You may need to lean more heavily on your missiles in extended engagements when you’re running hot, but the cSPLs are super efficient and precise so…you kind of just have to feel it out. And keep a real close eye on your heat, because overheating at short range is often a death sentence.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation

Weapon Modules: cSPL Range, cSRM6 Cooldown

Consumables: Cool Shot, Artillery Strike

It’s a bit wacky, but it’s pretty friggin strong and it runs nice and cool, great for extended brawls (if you manage to live past the first few seconds, that is).

Weapon Modules (In order of importance): cUAC20 Cooldown, cSRM6 Cooldown


Laser Sniper

These builds all use the incredibly effective Clan ER Large Laser to poke enemies down from ridiculous ranges. This can be very powerful in PUGs if you find a position where you can hit the enemy from without taking much return fire, or just sit out at 1200 meters so that it’s almost impossible for them to return fire on you anyways. While it is best run on the variants with an energy CT, it can be done very competently on all variants. The TBR-S is a bit of a risk because losing the LT spells out your doom, but if you want you can swap sides on that arm laser.

When you’re in game, you need to make use of your range if you want to be effective in the fight, as at any other range you’re better off using a very different suite of weapons. Try to stay outside of the enemy optimal range, and ideally on the outer edge of their maximum range, so that you don’t take much damage and your trades are guaranteed to be favorable. It’s important to note here that the ghost heat on the cERLL is rather substantial (though less than it was once), and so you should stick to using 2 weapon groups of 2 and staggering your fire, only alpha striking if you know you will have time to cool off or out of desperation, though firing just the 3 high-mounted lasers isn’t a terrible move.

 Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation

Weapon Modules: cERLL Range, cERLL Cooldown

Consumables: Cool Shot, Air Strike

Though I personally feel that having the super-high mounts is worth the 8% extra duration and cooldown, you may feel differently, and if so, this is the build for you. You can also flip the arms around.



First thing’s first, you can run a lot of variations on this. These are the pure poptarts, but there are also versions with 1 less PPC and a backup laser listed below. Not to mention that the TBR-A/C/D and TBR-Prime builds above are absolutely interchangeable (I prefer using the high mounted TBR-A stuff, but it’s ultimately up to you). But yeah, this is the old meta which doesn’t really even suck anymore. Pinpoint alpha with some splash damage for good measure, jumpjetting for extra usability, and high mounts just to rub it in. Good stuff.

As far as actually playing these builds…well, they’re poptarts. Focus on jumping, shooting, and falling back to the ground. The only notable thing about these builds in particular are how bloody hot they are. Seriously, don’t burn yourself! For more on poptarts and PPFLD, check out the guide I wrote.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation, Seismic Sensor

Weapon Modules: Gauss Cooldown

Consumables: Cool Shot, Air Strike

If you’re not a fan of the heat-intensity, it might be a good idea to run something like this.


Hybrid LRMs

Do you like LRMs but actually want to have fun?! Then these are the builds for you! As much as I despise the current LRM mechanic and abhor all LRM boats, I actually think these builds are acceptable and represent the way LRMs “should” be played. Srsly. GMan129 recommending a mech with LRMs. Whodathunk.

For the most part, ignore your LRMs. You’ve got 6 cERMLs at a 42 damage alpha strike up to like 450 meters and a buttload of heatsinks; you’re set. But if you’re running cool, or if you lost sight of the target, or if you’re really damaged and can’t afford to poke anymore, or if your situation calls for it…lock on and let fly. Just don’t fall into the trap of playing this like a LRM mech because it is absolutely not. The LRMs are just there as supplemental high-utility backup damage, and you should almost never be just sitting behind cover firing on targets that your teammates have locked. Have some balls.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation, Target Decay

Weapon Modules: cERML Range

Consumables: Cool Shot, Air Strike


Hybrid Sniper

This one can be done on the other variants…but not really well…at all, apart from one alternate build you can find a bit down for the TBR-A/C/D. It basically just swaps out a cERLL from the previous build (along with a few heatsinks) and slaps in a Gauss Rifle. This leads to a mech which is more difficult to control but has more firepower and precision. Personally, I don’t really think this build is worth it, but it’s an option.

For the most part, you have to play like the laser sniper build, though you may end up swallowing the ghost heat to alpha strike more often, as the precision of the build is one of its big advantages. Just stick to 2 or 1 lasers if you’re running really hot and try to keep up the fire at all times (you can shoot your Gauss no matter how hot you’re running!). For more on this stuff, check out the Gauss Vomit Guide.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation

Weapon Modules: Gauss Cooldown, Gauss Range

Consumables: Cool Shot, Air Strike

This gives up a cERLL for 2 cERMLs, allowing you to stay far more relevant at medium range and no longer breaks ghost heat! You’re still hot, but you can choose between Gauss + cERLL at long range, Gauss + cERML at mid range, and alpha strikes whenever you feel like it.

Weapon Modules: Gauss Cooldown, cERML Range



Gotta love the wubs. These focus on low(er) duration weapons with high precision, requiring you to get a bit closer (370m optimal), but reward you with one hell of an alpha. Also one hell of a beam duration/DPS/pretty much everything else. There are just two issues. The first is that the max ghost heat on cMPLs is 6, not 7. Personally, I think having to stagger your fire or swallow some extra heat is worth the other benefits, but mine is not the only opinion. For those that are hesitant to break the rules, the TBR-S build is already set up nicely for that.

With this build, your role is somewhere between a brawler and a mid-range poker, and that should be reflected in your play. Trading frequently at around 400 meters is a good start, and following up any pushes or movements your team makes is necessary. On the TBR-A/C/D and TBR-Prime, you want to watch out for ghost heat and only alpha strike when you know you’ll have the time to cool down, but mainly stick to firing one side at a time when side-peeking, or set up a 6 cMPL firing group as well.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation, Seismic Sensor

Weapon Modules: cMPL Range

Consumables: Cool Shot, Artillery Strike


Hybrid Brawl

Same basic concept as the Hybrid LRMs build, but instead of LRMs it’s SRMs. Though I guess you coulda probably guessed that last bit… Anyways! Good medium-range alpha strike (somewhere between like a Stormcrow or Wolverine) with a beastly short-range SRM volley. And it doesn’t even have to break ghost heat. Kind of the best of both worlds, really. Or maybe the mediocre but acceptable of both worlds.

As with the LRMs, 90% of the time you’re just laser vomiting all over the bad guys. Try to focus your missiles on light mechs and just whatever happens to stumble into your range, as long as you’re not running too hot. You can even try to reposition to make better use of your missiles, but I wouldn’t go crazy with that – it can be easy to get caught out in the process, and this build isn’t about the short-range DPS.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation

Weapon Modules: cERML Range, cSRM6 Cooldown

Consumables: Cool Shot, Artillery Strike

You sacrifice a fair bit of range, but…idk. It feels really good to play.

Weapon Modules: cMPL Range, cSSRM6 Cooldown


Lurm Boat

So yeah. LRM boats. Fun stuff. These builds are all a teeny bit different, but they’re about as good as you can get.That being said…I made these more to show you what was possible if you’re gonna cheese it up, not because I play, enjoy, or respect the builds. For the record, I don’t want you to run this stuff. But I feel the need to present it anyways. I’m weird like that.

Chill with your team, lock on to a target, and click. Fire in two groups of two to avoid ghost heat, or alpha strike if you’re on resting heat. If you’ve got backup meds, use them, even if there’s a heat issue and it means you won’t be able to fire a salvo of missiles, especially if you’re still healthy and your team is taking a beating. Shield with your left side.

Mech Modules: Target Decay

Weapon Modules: cLRM10 Cooldown, cERML Range

Consumables: Cool Shot, Air Strike

I feel dirty.

Mech Modules: Target Decay, Radar Deprivation

Weapon Modules: cLRM15 Cooldown







Miscellaneous Builds

Some of these sort of fit into other categories but not really, some are unique, idk I’ve been writing for a while now. On the bright side, my headaches gone! Excedrin ftw. Can I get a sponsorship now?

For…well, about as long as Clans have been out, I’ve been trying to make a build with 1 cLPL and 6 cERMLs work. It’s a bit too hot when paired with 2 Gauss Rifles on the Dire Wolf, and if you just do those weapons on the Timber Wolf, you end up with an extra ton and a half left over, which I simply can’t abide by. This is one of the better solutions I’ve made to fix the conundrum. Honestly, I want my salvation to be the HBK-IIC – it’ll fit 6 cERML and 1 cLPL with 1 JJ and 22 DHS – but I still think that’ll be too hot. Just did the math and…if the Timber Wolf didn’t have ferro…29 DHS…without even losing much speed*sigh*

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation, Seismic Sensor

Weapon Modules: cERML Range

Consumables: Cool Shot, Artillery Strike


Cuz it’s got so much Pew. A church pun was also under consideration. So yeah, not good, buuut also not terrible. It’s like, another one of those hybrid builds, but instead of Streaks or LRMs, it’s fuckin cERLLs.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation, Seismic Sensor

Weapon Modules: cERML Range

Consumables: Cool Shot, Artillery Strike


Pretty friggin’ self explanatory. Unlike the Hybrid Brawl builds, this has a distinct focus on the cSSRM6s rather than the cERMLs and is meant to focus accordingly. Still has some nice mid-range punch though.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation

Weapon Modules: cSSRM6 Cooldown, cSSRM6 Range

Consumables: Cool Shot, Artillery Strike


Blech. This has been like, scientifically proven to be not good. Still an option though, I guess.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation, Seismic Sensor

Weapon Modules: Gauss Cooldown

Consumables: Artillery Strike, UAV


Worse than the other brawlers…but wwhat the fuck else are you gonna do with that hardpoint? Just stare at the enemy and hold down all the triggers.

Mech Modules: Radar Deprivation

Weapon Modules: cSRM6 Cooldown, cSPL Range

Consumables: Cool Shot, Artillery Strike


Pilot Skills

I’ve figured that this is the best skill order for pretty much any mech, and so I’m just going to customize it for mechs that have to emphasize unusual pilot skills. The Timber Wolf does not have to do this.

Basics: Cool Run – Heat Containment – Hard Brake – Kinetic Burst – Twist Speed – Twist X – Anchor Turn – Arm Reflex

Elites: Speed Tweak – Fast Fire – Quick Ignition – Pinpoint

Then just master it. I’d definitely hold onto the TBR-S and one of whichever Energy CT one you got. It’s up to you whether or not you wanna sell the third variant you bought. I’m holding on to mine though.


And that’s that. I hope you enjoy your mech, let me know if you have any questions, and as always glhf