Tier Lists

One of the main focuses of this site is the MWO Tier Lists, which I try to update with each significant patch. This mostly works out to a monthly schedule, with some variance for more radical changes to the game.

I would like to make a note that applies to all of these Tier Lists. At the time of writing this, I have 4 years’ experience playing this game (the vast majority being competitively), I am an officer of +SJR+, I am one of the top players in the game (not only mechanically but also in terms of calling drop strategy and composing drop decks) and I’ve written many guides to and articles about this game. HOWEVER, I am human, and as such, am fallible. Don’t take anything in here as law, some of it may very well be wrong (some probably is wrong, just…not much). I am always open to feedback, criticism, and discussion, as long as it remains civilized.

It should be noted that the links below may eventually break – I have in the past forgotten to update the portal pages when I change an existing sub-page. If that should happen, navigate to the page through the menu instead (that should never break) and maybe drop me a line if you don’t mind – [email protected] is a good way to get in touch with me.



MWO Tier Lists

Competitive Tier List

This list focuses on the competitive scene, drawing from the state of player-run leagues. These builds are often optimal for normal play as well, but their tier placement can be different.

Meta Tier List

This list places all mechs in the game into a single Tier List, focusing on the most utilitarian builds for best and most consistent results in the PUG queue.

IS Variants Tier List

In this list, I take all IS mech variants and order them based on how good they are. I have the PUG queue in mind when I do it, but also just a general sense of where they fit within their role(s) and how they compare to other mechs in their weight class.

Clan Variant Tier List

Same idea as the IS list, just with Clan mechs.

Classified Tier List

This looks at generic build archetypes (laser vomit, poptart, brawl, etc.) and ranks them by how viable they are in PUGs, and further breaks that down by class.


Alllllll of the old versions of the Tier Lists (assuming I remember to keep the page updated). Just in case you’re curious or want to find an old build or whatevs. This section sometimes goes without updates because doing so is an utter hastle (and I don’t think people really care), but I will update it every once in a while.



These have been replaced by the Meta Tier List, but I’m leaving them up for posterity’s sake.

Group Queue Tier List

This list focuses on the best mechs when playing with a group of several people, so that you can sync up playstyles, and as such is divided by class.

Solo Queue Tier List

This list focuses on what to take if you’re on your own. It is the least expansive and as such will probably be updated the least, but it should also usually be the most accurate.