Example Trees

I’d like to preface this by saying that these are archetypal trees, and are not going to be optimal for every build belonging to that archetype, but they’ll still work.


Laser Vomit

This is one of the more simple trees to set up, and it’s pretty universal. There are lots of little tweaks you can make to customize it to your own preferences, but I’ve found that this works out best for me.


The Gauss nodes can be a bit controversial, and if you can get used to them, they’re probably better to have than not. Personally, I’m not a fan.

Also, this tree is optimized for Gauss/PPC builds where heat is a concern, on something that uses only 1 PPC you might go for something like this.


As with the Gauss nodes, Jam nodes are of questionable value (especially if you’re not using UACs for some reason). I still prefer to use them, but removing them frees up a couple of nodes.


I may not like playing them, but it’s always been fun to theorycraft for it. The Target Decay and UAV nodes are important, but you might want to mix around the Cooldown and Heat Gen nodes depending on how hot your build is.


This is one of the places where I feel the Agility tree is quite important. Gotta close those gaps.

Laser Scout

Lights are easily my least-played class since the changes, but this tree served me well when I played it. Alternatively, an ECM light might want to use something like this.