Firepower Tree

Here we’ll talk about some optimal paths to take down the Firepower Tree when boating a particular type of weapon, such as a JM6-DD with 3 UAC/5s or an EBJ-Prime with 2 cLPLs and 6 cERMLs. However, none of these trees are optimized for mechs that mix weapon systems, like a Mauler running LB-10s and SRMs.


Laser Boat

Laser Boats give you the best bang-for-your-buck in the Firepower Tree, and you just get so much value out of investing here.

  • Goal node: Laser Duration
  • High-Priority nodes: Range, Heat Gen
  • Low-Priority node: Cooldown
Budget Path (18 nodes) Middling Path (33 nodes) All-In Path (43 nodes)


PPC Boat

The lack of any PPC-specific nodes means that it might not be as efficient as other options, and in order to max out velocity you actually need to buy a node that won’t help your PPCs at all, but it’s worth going over this since it’s such a popular style.

  • Goal node: Velocity
  • High-Priority nodes: Heat Gen
  • Low-Priority nodes: Range, Cooldown
Budget Path (17 nodes) Middling Path (25 nodes) All-In Path (39 nodes)


Missile Boat

The Firepower Tree is almost as good for Missile Boats as for Laser Boats, but not quite.

  • Goal nodes: Missile Spread, High Explosive
  • High-Priority nodes: Missile Rack, Cooldown, Velocity, Heat Gen
  • Low-Priority node: Range
Budget Path (17 nodes) Middling Path (33 nodes) All-In Path (50 nodes)


UAC Boat

This requires more of an investment than the other ballistic paths, but I mean, UACs are the most powerful.

  • Goal node: UAC Jam Chance
  • High-Priority nodes: Magazine Capacity, Cooldown, Velocity
  • Low-Priority nodes: Range, Heat Gen
Budget Path (17 nodes) Middling Path (23 nodes) All-In Path (45 nodes)


LBX Boat

The cheapness of grabbing LBX nodes makes me happy, makes it so you can do a small dip in Firepower and then devote to Survival and Mobility for a brawler.

  • Goal node: LBX Spread
  • High-Priority node: Magazine Capacity, Cooldown
  • Low-Priority nodes: Velocity, Heat Gen, Range
Budget Path (12 nodes) Middling Path (22 nodes) All-In Path (36 nodes)


Gauss Boat

I hate the Gauss Charge node, but it hopefully is because I just haven’t gotten used to it, so we’ll leave it as the Goal node. Also, avoiding Heat Gen nodes isn’t even worth it. Maybe just don’t go into the Firepower Tree if you’re boating Gauss.

  • Goal node: Gauss Charge
  • High-Priority node: Magazine Capacity, Cooldown, Velocity
  • Low-Priority node: Range
Budget Path (10 nodes) Middling Path (21 nodes) All-In Path (46 nodes)


Other Skill Trees