Welcome to MetaMechs!

This is GMan129’s well-broken-in home online, where I post Tier Lists for MWO, as well as various guides and other resources that I hope you find useful or interesting.

The main focus is on the Tier Lists, which you can navigate to in the top menu. These will be updated whenever it is called for (usually every other week or so, but not always), and archives of old versions of these tier lists will someday be available on their page.

However, this site is not limited to tier lists; I have spent more and more of my MetaMechs time writing guides about various aspects of the game. The Master Guides (where I go over builds and playstyles for a chassis to help you in the mastery process) are probably the most involved feature of the site, due in large part to how many there are and how frequently everything in this game changes. They are all available under the Guides menu.

My main use of WordPress’s blog feature is to post notices about new guides, updated Tier Lists, or just general blog/vlog style thingies. You can subscribe to this in the form of email notifications in the sidebar below the “Subscribe via Email” header!

I have also added a Forum towards the right side of the main menu that you are all more than welcome to participate in, there’s all sorts of subforums that I keep a close eye on if you wanna give me feedback or just shoot the shit.

And finally, there’s the cute corner, where I will upload cute images and .gifs of cats, dogs, lions, or whatever in adorable situations (this is my favorite part). I’ve kind of run out of room there in more than one way, and am looking for an alternative to the gifspam. Replacing the corner with an imgur album is very likely at this point unfortunately, as it is hard to even keep it up to date.

Feel free to email me at gman [at] metamechs [dot] com with any questions, comments, or concerns, or if for some reason you’re weird enough to want to help me with anything. Also, if you feel the inkling you can donate to support me and this website through any of those links in the sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by, and glhf




TL;DR check out my website bro