Yearly Archives: 2017

Some Sample Skill Trees for Y’all

Bit overdue, but yeah I ended up putting together a few sample skill trees for generic build types (Laser Vomit, Poptart, etc.) Not a lot of ’em, but lemme know what other build types you’d be interested in seeing a tree for (respond to my tweet with suggestions, yeah?) Example Trees Hope it comes in […]

MetaMechs Skill Tree Resource

It’s not quite a guide, but it’s not quite not a guide. I really hope that this helps – it’s such a weird, convoluted system that I’m not sure that this is the best approach to take, but at the very least I hope it gives you some ideas for how to put together your […]

Super Quick Thoughts on the Skill Tree

I love the customization options. I love the effects it has on actual gameplay. I hate how much time and energy needs to be poured into actually skilling out a mech. I hate the obfuscation of re-speccing.   A wise man once said “when developing a game, listen to what the player hates, listen to […]

All Tier Lists Updated

Competitive Meta IS Clan Classified I spent a couple months more or less on break, and I’ve been getting back into it over the last couple of weeks. I’d love to hear your feedback and how your own experiences have differed from mine on either reddit or the forums here. And yeah, the IS list […]