ALL Tier Lists Updated

It took me way too long, but I’ve finally updated them all to the latest patch. Swear to God, I spent more time just staring at the Meta Text List than actually moving things around. Links! Competitive Meta IS Clan Classified Also, someone went and pledged enough to my Patreon to put it over the […]

Master Guide Episode 47: Marauder

Just in time for C-Bill release! I’ll be doing the Warhammer next (maybe this week, I’m not sure). Trying to do a little bit more on the video side – not necessarily video versions of the master guide or supplements, like I did with the Hunchback IIC, but gameplay highlights. So lemme know what you […]

Master Guide Episode 46: Cicada

Dum da da dum! The Cicada’s one of the weirdest mechs in the game. Like…an oversized Jenner that got too fat to jump. But it certainly has its redeeming qualities.   <3 G

Comp, IS, & Meta Tier Lists Updated; also Battlemaster & Blackjack MGs

Competitive Inner Sphere Meta Battlemaster Blackjack   Nothing too huge, just a few additions and movements. It’s worth noting that all of the Archers may change next week during the hotfix, as Russ just announced that their quirks will be modified – if it’s substantial enough I’ll update the Tier Lists for that, but I […]

Master Guide Episode 45: Orion

Another one bites the (star)dust So it’s been a bit quiet around here – I promise that’s not because I stopped working. I’ve just been updating loads of stuff. All the L2P guides got a bit of maintenance (not a lot though, they seem mostly timeless), but I did a bit of a rebuild on […]

Meta Tier List & Black Knight Updated

Meta Tier List Black Knight   I know I said I should have it up by Thursday, but I got sick and just couldn’t work through it. But I felt bad, so to make up for my tardiness I also updated the Black Knight Master Guide. Yay! Gonna go make a reddit thread now kthxbye […]

Clan Variants Tier List Updated

And then there was one… Meta Tier List is the last one to be updated. I might start on it tonight, but even if I do, it could be a couple days until I finish it (shit gets crazy). Wish me luck… edit: Got sick, like, 3 hours after I posted this. Still in recovery. […]

IS Variants Tier List Updated

2 down, 2 to go! I should be able to get away with doing the Clan List tomorrow, and then I’ll get cracking on the Meta Tier List. Was looking at updating the Classified Tier List as well, but honestly it’s still pretty fine. I’ll look into it s’more after I do the others but […]

Competitive Tier List Updated

Here it is! I wanted to do more than just the one tonight, but it took me longer than expected and now I’ve gotta pack cuz I’m going to Vegas over the weekend! If I have enough energy left in one of the next few nights, I’ll try to update the IS Tier List this weekend, […]

Master Guide Episode 44: Jenner IIC

Here it is! Almost hit 80 degrees here today. In February. How nuts is that! Had a good shvitz writing this. Originally, there were a few IS mechs in line to be MG’d ahead of the Jenner IIC, but I found myself playing it more and more, so… I was also planning on making a nice […]