Master Guide Episode 49: Rifleman

That C-Bill release really crept up on me. Seriously though, you guys. After spending the last month (and the next one…) updating guide after guide, it feels so good to make a new one. You have no idea. I mean, updating guides is good, and having them up to date is important to me so I want […]

Bargain Bin: Heroes (and Champions)

This series of posts is mainly for people who make decisions on buying mechs in terms of how good they are, rather than if they adhere to a chosen playstyle, or how cool they look. Hero and Champion Sale: From May 26 to May 31 This sale only includes the hero and champion mechs, rather than specific chassis, […]

Tier List (Meta, Competitive, Clan) and Build Database Updates

Meta Tier List Competitive Tier List Clan Variants Tier List Build Database Total of about 20 unique builds. Have fun. Fuck dude, it is ranked high. I don’t know why, but I feel really weird about it. Because my mind seems to think that it’s the strongest mech in the game – definitely not at […]

New Build Database

It’s super sexy now. Snafets made me a CSV database thingy and Khavi Vetali turned it into a cool spreadsheet thing and I’m super happy and they’re awesome-cool.   <3G

CW Content Up to Date (including a new page on Scouting Mode)

Invasion Mode Strategy Guide Scouting Mode Strategy Guide IS Dropship Ladder Clan Dropship Ladder CW Tonnage Efficiency So yeah, this is how I’ve spent my last 5 nights since the post announcing that I’d be updating something every day. Now that I’m “finished” with CW, I’m going to start updating the Master Guides. Oh boy.   […]

The Great Update of 2016 Begins

So I haven’t talked much about this yet, but somebody decided to pledge enough to my Patreon to put me over the first goal, where I have to update the whole site every month (thanks Jordan you’re awesome). So what that means is that for the next month or two, I’m going to be trying […]

Master Guide Episode 48: Warhammer

The mech’s out for C-Bills!   My favorite thing about the Warhammer is that the WHM-6R does an unusual style of build really well. I mean, the Black Widow and WHM-6D are good mechs ‘n all, but they really don’t feel new at all. Is it bad that I’m tempted to not write an Archer […]

ALL Tier Lists Updated

It took me way too long, but I’ve finally updated them all to the latest patch. Swear to God, I spent more time just staring at the Meta Text List than actually moving things around. Links! Competitive Meta IS Clan Classified Also, someone went and pledged enough to my Patreon to put it over the […]

Master Guide Episode 47: Marauder

Just in time for C-Bill release! I’ll be doing the Warhammer next (maybe this week, I’m not sure). Trying to do a little bit more on the video side – not necessarily video versions of the master guide or supplements, like I did with the Hunchback IIC, but gameplay highlights. So lemme know what you […]

Master Guide Episode 46: Cicada

Dum da da dum! The Cicada’s one of the weirdest mechs in the game. Like…an oversized Jenner that got too fat to jump. But it certainly has its redeeming qualities.   <3 G