Master Guide Episode 49: Rifleman

That C-Bill release really crept up on me.
Seriously though, you guys. After spending the last month (and the next one…) updating guide after guide, it feels so good to make a new one. You have no idea. I mean, updating guides is good, and having them up to date is important to me so I want to do it, but it’s much more work-y than writing new ones. Don’t want to sound like I’m complaining or anything, though, it’s all self-imposed after all 😛

But yeah. I love the Rifleman. Really happy to write about it. Next one of these will undoubtedly be about the Kodiak, then the Catapult, then…the Archer? We’ll see. Sorry about the somewhat-slowed rate of releasing new stuff, I’ve been updating stuff pretty much every day so making new things is kind of…not on my mind.

Anyways. Bedtime!