Competitive, IS, and Clan Tier Lists Updated!

Hey guys,

So as you may have noticed, this last patch was a small one, mainly introduction of new mechs and bug fixes. So I took that as an opportunity to touch up those tier lsits which really needed touching up. I’ve trimmed down the Competitive Tier List significantly, added the Mist Lynx to the Clan Variants Tier List, and done a restructuring of the IS variants Tier List. There are change notes available for all of these lists, and they’re in their usual slots (to check out the old versions, just look in the Archives menu, they’re labeled as 11-Nov-2014).

I’ve also included videos about the updates on the Competitive and IS Variants Tier Lists, to explain my decisions and give detail beyond what was included in the change notes.

Thanks for reading, and of course, glhf





Competitive Tier List

IS Variants Tier List

Clan Variants Tier List