Group Queue Tier List

Welcome to the Group Queue Tier List!

Since the group queue is a completely different world from comp, this list is going to be organized by class. You’ll never know what map you drop on, so the range of the mech will directly effect how well it performs in the pug queue. I have separated them by class because that is the one restriction placed on the group queue. Oh yeah, and it has all mechs in the game, regardless of whether or not they’re allowed in comp.

Tier 1: Mechs that can consistently carry games. These are the ones you bring when you have to win, at the price of being called a tryhard.
Tier 2: Mechs that are very strong and can still carry, but not as hard or as reliably and some are gimmicky. Still solid choices, though.
I’ve only included two tiers for this list, because most mechs beyond that are roughly at the same level.

Bold indicates the addition of a mech variant, Italics indicate a change in its placement or build.


Updated 17-Jun-2015



Tier 1: Dire Wolf DWF-W

Tier 2: Executioner EXE-Prime/A/B/DStalker STK-4N | King Crab KGC-0000 | Stalker MiseryBanshee BNC-3EWarhawk WHK-C | Atlas AS7-D-DC



Tier 1: Timber Wolf TBR-S | Hellbringer HBR-Prime/A/B | Ebon Jaguar EBJ-Prime/A/B/C

Tier 2: Summoner SMN-DThunderbolt TDR-9SEThunderbolt TDR-5SS | Dragon DRG-1NQuickdraw QKD-5K



Tier 1: Wolverine WVR-6K | Stormcrow SCR-Prime/A/B/C/D

Tier 2: Hunchback Grid Iron | Nova NVA-C | Hunchback HBK-4J | Shadowhawk SHD-2K | Griffin GRF-2N | Hunchback HBK-4P



Tier 1: Firestarter FS9-S

Tier 2: Raven RVN-2X | Raven RVN-4XFirestarter FS9-A | Raven Huginn


Change Notes

This update focuses on the addition of the first two Clan Wave 3 mechs; the Ebon Jaguar and Executioner. I’ve also removed the “F2P Versions”, as the relevant gift shop variants have been made available for C-Bills.



  • Added Executioner to Tier 2


  • Added Ebon Jaguar to Tier 1