Tier 1: Dire Wolf DWF-Prime/A | Victor Dragon Slayer

Tier 2: Stalker Misery | Stalker STK-3F | Highlander 733C | Victor VTR-9S | Warhawk WHK-B | Atlas D-DC


Tier 1: Timber Wolf TBR-C (PUG GOD)

Tier 2: Summoner SMN-Prime/B/D | Cataphract CTF-3D | Catapult CPLT-A1 | Jagermech JM6-DD/S


Tier 1: Stormcrow SCR-Prime/C/D | Shadowhawk SHD-2K

Tier 2: Nova NVA-Prime/B | Griffin GRF-3M | Shadowhawk SHD-5M | Griffin Sparky | Blackjack Arrow | Hunchback HBK-4P


Tier 1: Firestarter Ember | Jenner JR7-F

Tier 2: Kit Fox FKX-Prime/D/S | Adder ADR-Prime/A/D | Raven RVN-3L

Change Notes

Griffin Sparky: New hero mech! I love the griffin and this one is, in my opinion, the second best. Pretty much obsoletes the Hunchback 4P and it wrecks at close range with a few different builds. This has been edited in after Gut reminded me that the Sparky exists. It is the best IS laser vom, pretty much, but IS laser vom isn’t that great.

Summoner SMN-Prime/B/D and Cataphract CTF-3D: After playing the Summoner extensively in the PUG queue, I can say with confidence that it is way better at pugging than the phrac, and I’ve updated the build to the one which I’ve had the most success with in PUGs. I also took this opportunity to move the phrac down to Tier 2 so that the Timber Wolf can have Tier 1 all to itself, because seriously, nothing can compare to that monster.