Extreme Range (750+ meters)

Tier 1: Stalker STK-3H, Quickdraw QKD-5KHellbringer HBR-Prime/A/B, Stormcrow SCR-Prime/A/B/C/D, Timber Wolf TBR-A/C/D, Battlemaster BLR-1S, Hunchback HBK-IIC-A, Blackjack BJ-3Blackjack Arrow, Cicada X-5

Tier 2Quickdraw QKD-4HJagermech JM6-S, Thunderbolt Top DogCatapult Jester, Dire Wolf DWF-Prime/AShadow Cat SHC-Prime/A/P/B, Adder ADR-Prime/A/B/DThunderbolt TDR-5SSEbon Jaguar EBJ-Prime/A/B/C, Banshee BNC-3MShadowhawk SHD-2KCicada CDA-3M

Long Range (500-750 meters)

Tier 1: Timber Wolf TBR-Prime/A/C/D, Quickdraw QKD-5K, Timber Wolf TBR-S, Ebon Jaguar EBJ-Prime/A/B/CStalker STK-4N, Timber Wolf TBR-A/C/DBattlemaster BLR-2CBlackjack BJ-1XStormcrow SCR-Prime/A/B/C/DEnforcer ENF-4RWolverine WVR-6KDire Wolf DWF-B/W

Tier 2Warhawk WHK-CShadow Cat SHC-Prime/A/P/B, Catapult Jester, Nova NVA-C>B>A>S>D>PrimeAdder ADR-Prime/A/B/D, Cicada CDA-3M

Medium Range (250-500 meters)

Tier 1: Blackjack BJ-3, Blackjack BJ-1XBanshee BNC-3M, Quickdraw QKD-4GJagermech JM6-DDStalker STK-3HDire Wolf DWF-S, Enforcer ENF-4R, Wolverine WVR-6KHellbringer HBR-Prime/A/B, Timber Wolf TBR-A/C/D

Tier 2: Battlemaster BLR-3S, Thunderbolt TDR-5SSHellbringer HBR-Prime/A/BTimber Wolf TBR-SHunchback HBK-4P, Ice Ferret IFR-B, Thunderbolt TDR-9SE, Black Knight BL-6-KNT, Ebon Jaguar EBJ-Prime/A/B/CAdder ADR-Prime/A/B/D

Short Range (0-250 meters)

Tier 1: Griffin GRF-3MTimber Wolf TBR-A/C/D, Griffin GRF-2NStormcrow SCR-Prime/A/B/C/D, Blackjack BJ-1X, Atlas AS7-S

Tier 2: Nova NVA-C>B>A>S>D>Prime, Shadowhawk SHD-2D2Atlas AS7-D-DC, Jenner Oxide, Catapult CPLT-A1, Hunchback HBK-4SP, Trebuchet Loup de GuerreIce Ferret IFR-DGargoyle GAR-D


Tier 1: Arctic Cheetah ACH-Prime>A>B>C, Firestarter FS9-S

Tier 2: Firestarter FS9-A, Raven RVN-4X, Raven RVN-2XLocust LCT-1E

Change Notes

This change included basic evolutions of the meta (metalutions?), as well as the release of the IIC pack.

Extreme Range

  • Added the HBK-IIC-A
  • Added BJ-3
  • Added X-5
  • Moved QKD-5K up in Tier 1

Long Range

  • Swapped out BLR-1G to BLR-2C
  • Moved BJ-1X up in Tier 1

Medium Range

  • Moved DWF-S up into Tier 1
  • Swapped out BL-7-KNT-L to BL-6-KNT

Short Range

  • Added BJ-1X to Tier 1
  • Moved AS7-S up into Tier 1
  • Moved NVA-C>B>A>S>D>Prime down into Tier 2