Long Range (700-1100 meters)

Tier 1: Timber Wolf TBR-CDire Wolf DWF-Prime/A | Stormcrow SCR-Prime/B/D

Tier 2: Stalker STK-3F | Shadowhawk SHD-2K | Summoner SMN-Prime/B/D | Jagermech JM6-S | Quickdraw QKD-4G | Stalker Misery

Tier 3: Victor Dragon Slayer | Cataphract CTF-3D | Blackjack BJ-3 | Banshee BNC-3M | Hunchback HBK-4J | Dragon DRG-1C | Awesome AWS-9M


Medium Range (300-700 meters)

Tier 1: Timber Wolf TBR-CDire Wolf DWF-Prime/A | Stormcrow SCR-Prime/B/D

Tier 2: Banshee BNC-3E | Summoner SMN-Prime/B/D | Stalker Misery Victor Dragon Slayer | Jagermech JM6-DD | Wolverine WVR-6K | Highlander 733C | Cataphract CTF-4X | Cataphract CTF-3D | Stalker STK-4N

Tier 3: Dragon DRG-1NOrion Protector | Shadowhawk SHD-2H | Nova NVA-Prime/B/S | Awesome AWS-8Q


Short Range (0-300 meters)

Tier 1: Timber Wolf TBR-CGriffin GRF-3M | Stormcrow SCR-Prime/B/D

Tier 2: Victor VTR-9S | Dire Wolf DWF-Prime/A | Thunderbolt TDR-5SSWolverine WVR-7K | Summoner SMN-Prime/B/D | Trebuchet Loup de Guerre | Quickdraw QKD-4H | Stalker STK-5M | Atlas D-DC | Cataphract CTF-3D | Griffin Sparky | Hunchback HBK-4P | Catapult K2

Tier 3: Orion ON1-VA | Shadowhawk Gray Death | Shadowhawk SHD-2K | Hunchback HBK-4G | Blackjack Arrow | Nova NVA-Prime/B/S | Banshee BNC-3M | Thunderbolt TDR-9SE | Highlander HGN-733C Dragon Flame | Battlemaster BLR-3S | Kintaro KTO-18



Tier 1: Firestarter FS9-H | Firestarter FS9-A

Tier 2: Jenner Oxide | Firestarter Ember | Raven RVN-3L | Raven Huginn | Jenner JR7-F

Tier 3: Jenner JR7-K | Kit Fox FKX-Prime/D/S | Spider SDR-5D


Change Notes

I decided to do an overhaul to how I organized the competitive tier list. I went a bit quirk-happy last week, and started placing mechs in tiers where they really didn’t belong (sorry Dragon fans). So this week I’m getting more strict about it, and I’ve laid out my new thought process out in the description of each tier at the top. These changes have resulted in a much more slim, and accurate, list. The exception to this is the short range tier, cuz that’s always gonna be ugly with how many mechs can do it in so many different ways. Aside from the following change notes, I also did a fair amount of adjustment of mech positions within their tier.

Long Range



  • Dragon Slayer and CTF-3D dropped from Tier 2 to Tier 3


  • CPLT-K2 with dual gauss removed in favor of the JM6-DD
  • BLR-1D with ERLLs removed in favor of STK-3F


Medium Range


  • Moved DRG-1N to Tier 3
  • Moved Novas to Tier 3


  • Removed JM6-S in favor of the JM6-DD
  • Removed WVR-6R in favor of the DRG-1N


Short Range


  • Added Gray Death to Tier 3


  • Modified build on ON1-VA
  • Modified build on Sparky


  • Moved VTR-9S to Tier 2
  • Moved HBK-4G to Tier 3
  • Moved Novas to Tier 3
  • Moved Arrow to Tier 3
  • Moved BNC-3M to Tier 3
  • Moved CPLT-K2 to Tier 2
  • Moved SHD-2K to Tier 3


  • Removed SHD-2D (replaced by Gray Death)
  • Removed CN9A in favor of Loup de Guerre
  • Removed JM6-S in favor of CPLT-K2
  • Removed TBT-7K in favor of 4G
  • Removed Boar’s Head
  • Removed St. Ives’ Blues




  • Moved FS9-A to Tier 1
  • Moved Ember to Tier 2