Tier 1: Dire Wolf DWF-SDire Wolf DWF-WDire Wolf DWF-BDire Wolf DWF-Prime/A

Tier 2Highlander IIC HGN-IIC-C, Highlander IIC HGN-IIC, Highlander IIC HGN-IIC-BWarhawk WHK-CExecutioner EXE-Prime/A/B/C/D, Warhawk WHK-BWarhawk WHK-A>PrimeHighlander IIC HGN-IIC-A

Tier 3: Gargoyle GAR-DGargoyle GAR-PrimeGargoyle GAR-B>A>C


Tier 1Timber Wolf TBR-STimber Wolf TBR-A/C/DTimber Wolf TBR-PrimeHellbringer HBR-Prime/A/BEbon Jaguar EBJ-Prime/A/B/C

Tier 2: Orion ON1-IIC-B, Orion ON1-IIC-COrion ON1-IIC-A, Orion ON1-IICSummoner SMN-D>Prime>C>B

Tier 3: Mad Dog MDD-Prime/A/B/C


Tier 1Stormcrow SCR-Prime/A/B/C/D, Hunchback HBK-IIC-AHunchback HBK-IICHunchback HBK-IIC-C

Tier 2Hunchback HBK-IIC-BShadow Cat SHC-Prime>A>P>B, Nova NVA-C>B>A>Prime>D>S

Tier 3: Ice Ferret IFR-B>A>CIce Ferret IFR-DIce Ferret IFR-Prime


Tier 1: Arctic Cheetah ACH-Prime>A>B>C

Tier 2: Jenner JR7-IIC-A, Jenner JR7-IICAdder ADR-Prime>A/D>BJenner JR7-IIC-3Jenner JR7-IIC-2

Tier 3Kit Fox KFX-Prime>C>D>S, Mist Lynx MLX-Prime>C>D>A>B

Change Notes

This update focuses on the addition of the IIC mechs. While I like most of them (still wrestling with the Highlander), I don’t feel that their power level is too high, with only the Hunchback making it to Tier 1.


  • Added all Highlander IICs to Tier 2


  • Added all Orion IICs to Tier 2


  • Added HBK-IIC-A, -IIC, and -IIC-C to Tier 1
  • Added HBK-IIC-B to Tier 2


  • Added all Jenner IICs to Tier 2