Tier 1: Dire Wolf DWF-W | Dire Wolf DWF-Prime/ADire Wolf DWF-S | Dire Wolf DWF-B

Tier 2: Executioner EXE-Prime/A/B/DWarhawk WHK-C | Warhawk WHK-B | Warhawk WHK-A>Prime

Tier 3: Gargoyle GAR-D | Gargoyle GAR-Prime | Gargoyle GAR-B>A>C


Tier 1Timber Wolf TBR-S | Timber Wolf TBR-A/C/D | Hellbringer HBR-Prime/A/B | Ebon Jaguar EBJ-Prime/A/B/CTimber Wolf TBR-Prime

Tier 2Summoner SMN-D>Prime>C>B

Tier 3: Mad Dog MDD-Prime/A/B/C


Tier 1Stormcrow SCR-Prime/A/B/C/D

Tier 2: Nova NVA-C>B>A>Prime>S | Shadow Cat SHC-Prime>A>P>B

Tier 3: Ice Ferret IFR-B>C>A | Ice Ferret IFR-DIce Ferret IFR-Prime


Tier 1: Arctic Cheetah ACH-Prime>A>B>C

Tier 2: Adder ADR-D>A>Prime>B | Kit Fox KFX-Prime>C>D>S

Tier 3: Mist Lynx MLX-Prime>C>D>A>B

Change Notes

This change focuses on the addition of the Shadow Cat and Arctic Cheetah. The other big thing I did was to combine variants with CT’s that are pretty much identical and rank them all within the same build rather than needlessly doing a separate build for each – the differences are sometimes large enough to merit different builds (such as with the IFR-D), but usually the same build is still the most appropriate. Lastly, I did some general housekeeping.


  • Updated the builds for the DWF-Prime/A, DWF-S, GAR-A>B>C, and all Warhawks


  • Updated the Ebon Jaguar build
  • Collapsed the Summoners into a single build


  • Added Shadow Cat to the bottom of Tier 2
  • Collapsed the Novas and IFR-B>C>A into a single build
  • Updated IFR-Prime build


  • Added Arctic Cheetah to Tier 1
  • Collapsed Adders into a single build, and moved them down to Tier 2
  • Collapsed Kit Foxes and Mist Lynxes into a single build for each