Tier 1: Dire Wolf DWF-SDire Wolf DWF-WDire Wolf DWF-BDire Wolf DWF-Prime/A

Tier 2: Warhawk WHK-CExecutioner EXE-Prime/A/B/D, Warhawk WHK-BWarhawk WHK-A>Prime

Tier 3: Gargoyle GAR-DGargoyle GAR-PrimeGargoyle GAR-B>A>C



Tier 1Timber Wolf TBR-STimber Wolf TBR-A/C/DTimber Wolf TBR-PrimeHellbringer HBR-Prime/A/BEbon Jaguar EBJ-Prime/A/B/C

Tier 2Summoner SMN-D>Prime>C>B

Tier 3: Mad Dog MDD-Prime/A/B/C



Tier 1Stormcrow SCR-Prime/A/B/C/D

Tier 2: Shadow Cat SHC-Prime>A>P>B, Nova NVA-C>B>A>Prime>S

Tier 3: Ice Ferret IFR-B>C>AIce Ferret IFR-DIce Ferret IFR-Prime



Tier 1: Arctic Cheetah ACH-Prime>A>B>C

Tier 2: Adder ADR-D>A>Prime>B

Tier 3Kit Fox KFX-Prime>C>D>S, Mist Lynx MLX-Prime>C>D>A>B


Change Notes

While Clans in general did get quite a bit weaker with the latest patch, none of them got much worse relative to other clan mechs, and the few chassis that got slight buffs weren’t helped out all that much (with the Adder being the biggest winner). So I updated all the builds and adjusted positions within their tiers, but there’s no massive surprises here.


  • DWF-S moved to top of Tier 1
  • DWF-Prime/A moved to bottom of Tier 1
  • WHK-C moved to top of Tier 2


  • TBR-Prime moved up in Tier 1


  • Shadow Cat SHC-Prime>A>P>B moved to top of Tier 2


  • Kit Fox KFX-Prime>C>D>S moved to top of Tier 3