Old Build Database

The point of these guides is to present new players with a couple of very solid builds for every mech in the game so that they have solid options to choose from. This is┬ásomething I’ve wanted from PGI to help the New Player Experience for a while, and since I don’t see it happening any time soon, I decided to do my own version of it.

This will be maintained on a rolling basis rather than with updates every few weeks; adding, updating and culling builds as I go. This also means that the lists will become more complete as time goes on, thickening up as I discover new builds and such.

If you need help deciding what to play and what’s good, you can check out the Tier Lists. If you know what you want to play but want to get insight into all (well, not all, but a pretty comprehensive survey) of the ways to play it you can check out the Master Guides and L2P Guides if they’re available. If you’re looking at a mech and just want some ideas for builds, well, this is the place.