Tier 1: Banshee BNC-3M, Stalker STK-4NBattlemaster BLR-2C

Tier 2: Battlemaster BLR-3SBattlemaster BLR-1SStalker STK-3HStalker STK-5S, King Crab KGC-000, Mauler MAL-MX90Banshee BNC-3EBattlemaster BLR-1GStalker MiseryAtlas AS7-SAtlas AS7-D-DCHighlander HGN-732B

Tier 3: Awesome AWS-8R, Zeus ZEU-9S, Battlemaster BLR-1DBattlemaster BLR-3M, Battlemaster Hellslinger, Stalker STK-3F, Stalker STK-5M, Highlander HGN-732, Mauler MAL-1P, Mauler MAL-2PAtlas Boar’s Head, King Crab KGC-0000, King Crab KGC-000B

Tier 4: Awesome AWS-8Q, Awesome AWS-9M, Victor Dragon SlayerVictor VTR-9K, Victor VTR-9S, Victor VTR-9B, Zeus ZEU-5S, Zeus ZEU-6S, Zeus ZEU-6T, Zeus ZEU-9S2, Highlander HGN-733, Highlander HGN-733C, Highlander HGN-733P, Highlander Heavy Metal, Mauler MAL-1R, Banshee BNC-3S, Banshee La Malinche, Atlas AS7-D, Atlas AS7-K, Atlas AS7-RS

Tier 5: Awesome AWS-8T, Awesome AWS-8VAwesome Pretty Baby


Tier 1Quickdraw QKD-5K, Jagermech JM6-DD, Quickdraw QKD-4G

Tier 2: Orion ON1-VCatapult Jester, Grasshopper GHR-5H, Thunderbolt Top Dog, Thunderbolt TDR-5SS, Catapult CPLT-C1Thunderbolt TDR-9SEGrasshopper GHR-5P, Cataphract CTF-3DBlack Knight BL-7-KNT-L, Black Knight BL-6-KNTCataphract Ilya MurometsThunderbolt TDR-5S, Marauder MAD-5M

Tier 3: Grasshopper GHR-5N, Jagermech JM6-S, Quickdraw QKD-4H, Catapult CPLT-A1Catapult CPLT-C4, Jagermech JM6-A, Thunderbolt TDR-9S, Marauder MAD-3R, Marauder Bounty Hunter IIJagermech FirebrandCataphract CTF-0XP, Cataphract CTF-1X, Cataphract CTF-4X, Black Knight BL-7-KNTMarauder MAD-5DBlack Knight BL-6B-KNT

Tier 4Orion Protector, Orion ON1-M, Grasshopper GHR-5JOrion ON1-VADragon Flame, Dragon DRG-1NOrion ON1-K, Catapult CPLT-K2, Cataphract CTF-2X

Tier 5: Quickdraw IV-FourDragon DRG-1C, Dragon Fang, Dragon DRG-5N


Tier 1: Blackjack BJ-3, Blackjack BJ-1XEnforcer ENF-4R

Tier 2: Wolverine WVR-6KHunchback HBK-4P, Blackjack Arrow, Griffin GRF-3M, Blackjack BJ-1, Blackjack BJ-1DCHunchback HBK-4JHunchback HBK-4SP, Griffin GRF-2NShadowhawk SHD-2D2, Crab CRB-27B, Trebuchet TBT-5J, Shadowhawk SHD-2H

Tier 3: Hunchback HBK-4G, Griffin SparkyCenturion CN9-AL, Cicada CDA-3M, Shadowhawk SHD-5M, Cicada CDA-2A, Cicada CDA-2BCicada X-5, Vindicator VND-1AACrab CRB-27SL, Enforcer ENF-5PHunchback HBK-4HTrebuchet TBT-7M, Trebuchet Loup de GuerreKintaro KTO-20, Shadowhawk SHD-2KShadowhawk Gray Death, Wolverine WVR-6R, Vindicator VND-1R, Wolverine WVR-7K, Shadowhawk SHD-2D, Wolverine WVR-7D

Tier 4: Crab CRB-27, Trebuchet TBT-7KGriffin GRF-1N, Cicada CDA-3F, Centurion CN9-A, Centurion Yen Lo Wang, Trebuchet TBT-3C, Centurion CN9-AHCrab CRB-20Enforcer ENF-4P, Enforcer ENF-5DTrebuchet TBT-5NGriffin GRF-1S, Kintaro KTO-18, Kintaro KTO-19, Kintaro Golden Boy, Hunchback Grid Iron, Wolverine WVR-Q

Tier 5Vindicator VND-1X, Centurion CN9-D, Vindicator St. Ives’ BluesCicada CDA-3C


Tier 1: Firestarter FS9-S

Tier 2: Wolfhound WLF-2, Raven RVN-4X, Firestarter FS9-A, Firestarter FS9-K, Firestarter FS9-H, Jenner Oxide, Raven RVN-2XJenner JR7-F, Wolfhound WLF-1A, Wolfhound WLF-1BRaven RVN-3LRaven Huginn, Panther PNT-9R

Tier 3: Locust LCT-1E, Urbanmech UM-R60LFirestarter EmberJenner JR7-D, Jenner JR7-K, Spider SDR-5DPanther PNT-10K, Panther PNT-8Z, Wolfhound WLF-1

Tier 4: Locust Pirates’ BaneCommando Death’s KnellUrbanmech UM-R60Locust LCT-1V, Locust LCT-3MUrbanmech UM-R63, Panther PNT-10PLocust LCT-1M

Tier 5: Commando COM-1DSpider SDR-5K, Locust LCT-3S, Locust LCT-3V, Commando COM-1BCommando COM-3A, Commando COM-2DSpider SDR-5V, Spider Anansi

Change Notes

Another complete re-do, as with the Competitive List. It wasn’t as necessary, but I figured that I would probably have to change the position of almost (if not literally) every mech and the game and thought a fresh version would be best. God, I miss sleep.