Long Range (700-1100 meters)

Tier 1: Stalker STK-3F | Shadowhawk SHD-2K

Tier 2: Stalker Misery | Summoner SMN-Prime/B/D | Victor Dragon Slayer | Jagermech JM6-DD/S | Quickdraw QKD-5K | Quickdraw QKD-4G | Cataphract CTF-3D

Tier 3: Blackjack BJ-3 | Catapult CPLT-K2 | Battlemaster BLR-1D/3S | Banshee BNC-3M | Hunchback HBK-4P

Medium Range (300-700 meters)

Tier 1: Victor Dragon Slayer | Summoner SMN-Prime/B/D | Cataphract CTF-3D

Tier 2: Highlander 733C | Stalker Misery | Banshee BNC-3E | Nova NVA-Prime/B/S | Shadowhawk SHD-2D/2D2 | Shadowhawk SHD-5M

Tier 3: Orion Protector

Short Range (0-300 meters)

Tier 1: Victor VTR-9S | Summoner SMN-Prime/B/D | Griffin GRF-3M

Tier 2: Trebuchet Loup de Guerre | Atlas D-DC | Cataphract CTF-3D | Griffin Sparky | Nova NVA-Prime/B/S | Shadowhawk SHD-2D |Shadowhawk SHD-2K | Blackjack Arrow | Centurion CN9-A | Hunchback HBK-4P | Quickdraw QKD-4H | Quickdraw QKD-5K

Tier 3: Catapult K2 | Jagermech JM6-DD/S | Trebuchet TBT-7K | Highlander HGN-733C | Vindicator St. Ives’ Blues | Kintaro KTO-18 |Dragon Flame | Awesome AWS-9M | Battlemaster BLR-3M | Stalker STK-5M


Tier 1: Firestarter Ember | Jenner JR7-F

Tier 2: Raven RVN-3L | Kit Fox FKX-Prime/D/S | Spider SDR-5D | Jenner Oxide

Tier 3: Raven RVN-3L | Jenner JR7-D

Change Notes

Summoner SMN-Prime/B/D: The Summoner was released for C-Bills in this patch, and is now usable in competitive play in leagues such as Run Hot or Die. I have added it to the Long, Medium, and Short range sections as a Tier 1 or 2 mech. I was very pessimistic about the Summoner going into this, thinking that the Cataphract may still be superior in all roles, but after finally playing it I found out how wrong I was. Until the Timber Wolf is released, the Summoner is certainly the top heavy mech for competition, and while it may not always be worth taking in tonnage-restricted matches, it is a shoe-in for any class-based matching.

Griffin Sparky: New hero mech! I love the griffin and this one is, in my opinion, the second best. Pretty much obsoletes the Hunchback 4P and it wrecks at close range with a few different builds. This has been edited in after Gut reminded me that the Sparky exists. It is the best IS laser vom, pretty much, but IS laser vom isn’t that great.

Trebuchet Loup de Guerre: I have replaced the Trebuchet TBT-7M variant with the Loup de Guerre after Mogney reminded me that it, you know, existed. I purchased it on sale to confirm that yes, it is definitely worth placing at the top of Tier 2. Unfortunately, it is not usually worth it over the Griffin despite being 5 tons lighter, but it is the second best brawling medium in the game at this moment and sometimes you do need those extra 5 tons.

Jenner JR7-D and Oxide: I have switched these two around after seeing how effectively the Oxide has been used in EU and how unused the JR7-D has been overall, with there almost always being a better choice. I still do not think the Oxide is all that great for several reasons (no jump jets, sub-par light v light performance, inability to poke), but it is a very effective brawler and so I think is worthy of its current position.