The Great Update of 2016 Begins

So I haven’t talked much about this yet, but somebody decided to pledge enough to my Patreon to put me over the first goal, where I have to update the whole site every month (thanks Jordan you’re awesome). So what that means is that for the next month or two, I’m going to be trying to update a page of MetaMechs every night, on average. Some nights it’ll be a Guide, or a Tier List, or maybe a re-write of an old mech building article. But that’s the goal.

The reason why I’m expecting it to take 2 months is that I got a late start because I was doing Tier Lists and then the Night Gyr Theorycraft on NGNG, and then I took the night off because I suck that’s why. But also, at the end of the month I’m going to a friend’s wedding and then visiting people while I’m back by home, so that’ll eat up some time. But once I get everything up to date, it’ll be way easier to keep it that way in future months

Tonight’s update was the Competitive Mech Buying Guide – it’s been getting gradually more and more wrong over the last few months, so it feels good for it to be back in tip-top form. It’s also a bit restructured, since…when I originally made it only a few of them had Master Guides and now only 3 of them don’t. Which actually gave me this weird feeling of accomplishment – can’t wait until they’re all guided (but then I’d have to write about the Spider…).

So a big shout out to everyone that’s supported the Patreon, one of my goals for the near future is to set up more of a rewards system so I can thank you properly somehow and set another goal – I’ve got a few ideas, but they’re not fully formed yet and right now. And for the next while, most of my time spent on MWO outside of the game will be on updating the site. Fuck, you could probably get rid of the “outside of the game” bit and it’d still be true.