Official PGI quirking process for Clan Center Torsos

Roll D6 for chassis-generic quirks:

  1. No CT Quirks at all
  2. No Generic Quirk
  3. Acceleration Quirk
  4. Structure Quirk
  5. Torso Twist Speed Quirk
  6. Speed Quirk


Roll D8 twice for some variant-specific quirks (assuming you didn’t get a 1 on the first roll):

  1. No Quirk
  2. Acceleration Quirk
  3. Structure Quirk
  4. Torso Twist Speed Quirk
  5. Torso Twist Range Quirk
  6. Reverse Speed Quirk
  7. Turn Rate Quirk
  8. Overheat Damage Quirk


Roll D6 for Weapon Quirks, if there is a hardpoint there. And flip a coin to see if the quirk is fully generic, or half generic and half specific to the stock weapon/weapon type

  1. Negative Quirk! Roll again to see what it does
  2. No Quirk
  3. Heat Generation
  4. Range
  5. Velocity (or beam duration if the stock weapon is a laser)
  6. Cooldown (or MG Rate of Fire if that’s the stock weapon)


Roll a D10 (and round to nearest 2.5 for percentage-based quirks) to assign quirk values. Double this for chassis-generic quirks.