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Build Emergency Room / Re: AS7-RS Gauss and Peeps?
« Last post by rook on March 22, 2017, 08:07:53 PM »
The Atlas is a pretty big, slow target with low slung arms which makes peaking hard.  Brawling is the most effective thing you can do, and with the armor quirks you get to be pretty tough.  Don't brawl with anything less than a 350 (maybe a 325 if you really want to pack the weapons in...).  An AS7-S with AC20 + 4x SRM6 is so very nasty at close range, and the ECM with the DDC does help (AC20 + 3x SRM6).

I never found the 6x LL boar's head to be all that great.  I used to do 2x LL + 4x ML + AC20, gave a little bit of range.  If you REALLY want to do a gauss, the AS7-K is a decent choice, pair it up with 3x LL or LPL's.

The only other concoction I had was a DDC with an extra ERPPC.  It gave me a weapon to shoot range back when I was moving between cover, and a sort of backup if I lost the AC20.  Just don't shoot it when you're brawling.

Build Emergency Room / AS7-RS Gauss and Peeps?
« Last post by theholylancer on March 18, 2017, 10:22:58 AM »
I am hoping to get into atlas, the iconic mech from the battletech universe. Even tho in anything from mechcommander 2 to mw4 to mw3 I didn't like the thing over things like the blood asp, the dire wolf or the annihilator for its stupid mixed mounts or lack of space or something. It seems that my prejudices is the same in MWO.

The only semi okay build I found is (note the back armor is just supposed to be stripped down to 6 or 4 and put in the front, got lazy rofl)
or the boar's head version
even hotter:

and while I saw some RS builds for the ppc and gauss route, but it seems that it is not a popular build. Are they more or less just too much ghost heat and thus becoming an asym build with you more or less not using the tonnage effectively? And that really its brawling that is where its at? While I can kind of sort of brawl now that I gotten used to the SB and the 400xl scorch with speed / masc speed, it seems that the atlas is the traditional brawler that is much more of a position punishes (in both ways), which is something I don't enjoy. Is there any other reasonable non brawl builds with the atlas? Short of lrm boats...
Build Emergency Room / Re: Help with KDK-SB PPFLD
« Last post by wayeward on March 15, 2017, 07:31:52 AM »
I found keeping the xl400 with an lb20 and 4 srm6s (and fired together as an alpha) still runs fairly cool compared to other builds, and taking some medium lasers for backup. Lasers aside, the burst of the other weapons allows you to twist and shield faster with your arms, which means you live longer. Keeping MASC as well, combined with the xl400, it can really haul ass and you can get the jump on the enemy when the push occurs. But yeah, requires a lot of patience and timing to pull off well, not to mention a half-decent team.
Build Emergency Room / Re: Help with KDK-SB PPFLD
« Last post by theholylancer on February 14, 2017, 04:16:23 PM »
Hmm, what if I switched over that to a KDK-2 who can actually poptart unlike the SB without JJs and then ran something like

maybe switch a couple heats out for srm-4s or something?


I am not sure on dropping to a 380 XL just because of how much the speed helps in getting into position, but granted with PPCs I guess that won't be as big of an issue.
Build Emergency Room / Re: Help with KDK-SB PPFLD
« Last post by GMan129 on February 14, 2017, 10:41:03 AM »
Yeah the problem with the SB running long-range stuff is that a Gauss rifle and 2 PPCs is literally the maximum PPFLD you can get out of it. As such, I do recommend throwing in some backup weapons. 4 SRM4s are super light (relatively speaking) and can be surprisingly devastating.
Build Emergency Room / Help with KDK-SB PPFLD
« Last post by theholylancer on February 14, 2017, 08:54:55 AM »
Yeah, I am an idiot, I got the standard pack and thought hey the hero isn't that much more.

I love the KDK-3 and the dakka playstyle, and wanted to whale it up a bit (no not that whale, yes the other one).

But then with the SB, I found that I am not that great of a brawler, even tho my time with SRMed lights was fine, that was more like flanking and surprising slow pokes than this kind of actual brawlers.

So I am thinking of trying to do something I love to do, PPFLD with the SB, even if its hard points is suboptimal and all. Until I learn to brawl more effectively (doing 300 dmg and killing 1 guy then going out is not my definition of good...) in something maybe a bit faster, I want to try this:

anyone have any idea on making it less sucky, since I know that the SB was not really mean to be a PPFLD boat unlike the whale.

I was thinking of using a C-Streak SRM for possible anti light / additional firepower, but thought that its kind of useless with the slower torso speed and since the hard points are not on the arms, not that great.

Also was thinking of a LRM option with the PPCs and Gauss, but just said more armor for the trade... Maybe that is a better idea?

Also, I think I am going to learn to brawl in something like a timberwolf (because I mastered it, and have spare chassis that I am not using) or some other slower heavy to learn the ropes. I mean I have thunderbolts mastered too and I seem to do a LOT better with LPL / laser based builds and they are kind of brawly given the relative lack of range LPL and medium lasers from IS. But they are still FAR better than SRMs and AC20s...
Feedback / Re: Clan drop deck out of date?
« Last post by GMan129 on February 07, 2017, 08:21:11 AM »
yup, that stuff's due for updates

in the recommend timber, hbkiicx2, hbr/ebj

i like to start with the heaviest, but i dont think its a hard and fast rule
Feedback / Clan drop deck out of date?
« Last post by theholylancer on February 07, 2017, 04:16:35 AM »
Hi, the clan drop deck seems to suggest 250 tons (for 2x timberwolf and 2x hunchback IIC), but atm I am seeing 240 tons as the max limit.

I was wondering if that was outdated? I was hoping to look for a 4th mech after 2x timbers and 1x hunchback in PPFLD config and then something to compliment that with only 40 tons to work with (likely light, don't think there is a recommended medium in that tonnage).

Also is the drop order always start off with your heavies? as a solo player I don't think I got a nice group to tell me what exactly they need.

General Discussion / Re: Making C-Bills and Hero Mechs
« Last post by wikkedj on February 04, 2017, 05:56:03 PM »
Sounds good, thanks for the info.
Feedback / Re: Gauss-Peep-Meta-Cowards-Online ?
« Last post by GMan129 on February 04, 2017, 07:49:06 AM »
I don't think I have that kind of reach lol. It's not like I decided that gauss/ppc should be good, the devs did that and the comp scene caught on quick.

I also haven't seen it be quite that pervasive. If anything, I'm seeing more LRM boats lately. Your english is fine, though :)
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