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Discussion Threads / Re: Jenner IIC
« Last post by GMan129 on January 11, 2017, 12:00:09 PM »
Buying champion variants generally doesnt make sense, since you can just replicate the build on a normal cbill version of the variant and the bonus XP is irrelevant right now (might change with the updated skill trees, but i doubt it).

and in case theres any confusion about it, a champion variant doesn't count as a separate variant in terms of mastering a mech, it's just another JR7-IIC with an XP bonus
Discussion Threads / Re: Jenner IIC
« Last post by MordecaiMWO on January 11, 2017, 02:38:30 AM »
Not to resurrect this thread recklessly, but...

First, thank you for your articles and all the information available here.  I've only recently (2 weeks) gotten into MWO and this site has been a real boon.  So, thank you.

The article doesn't seem to speak much to the Champion variant (JR7-IIC(C)).  I've gotten and basic'd the JR7-IIC and the JR7-IIC-A, and I'm trying to decide if I should consider the champion variant or just go with the -3 variant.  Do you have any thoughts on this situation, or on the champion variant in general?  Thanks
Build Emergency Room / Re: Sleipner - PPC/Gauss
« Last post by rook on January 06, 2017, 02:05:56 PM »

So, I removed some of the ammo and upgraded the engine instead.  It get's a little hot if you lay into the PPC's a lot, but I typically stick to the gauss when that happens to cool down.  I added a small laser for shits and giggles, with the reduced crit chance I find that I can loose my gausses and still live.

When I started with this mech, it was a little rough going (I'm not that good of a pilot), but recently it's come into its own.  This last week, for the 15ish matches I've played, I've been within the top 3 damage and kills (usually top damage/kills) for the match (both public and group queue). The highlight being a 7 kill (8 KMDD) match @ ~800 dmg.
Build Emergency Room / Ebon Jag hillhumper sniper.
« Last post by Earthenlady on January 02, 2017, 04:24:49 PM »

That's my current Ebon Jag Gauss PPC boat. the Small laser is there to push both PPCs into the shoulder mount. only 4 additional sinks all on the PPC side (dont need it when you lose them)

The arms are completely unarmoured. Would it be worth dropping a sink for some armour or more ammo/weapons?
Discussion Threads / Re: Night Gyr builds, post dakka nerfening
« Last post by wayeward on December 24, 2016, 10:11:01 AM »
Even before the nerf I found the UAC weapons way too hot, especially for a brawling scenario. Coupled with the jams, it always seemed to spell certain death either way.  Now, I guess it is going to get even worse, and potentially even more so if the new heat management system is implemented at some point. I have gone to LBx weapons, for the Night Gyr and the Kodiak 3, because they seem to perform better (assuming you want to get within 500 meters :D ) and have very minor heat penalties for group firing (as yet).
Feedback / Jagermech guide - minor issue
« Last post by DavidStarr on December 23, 2016, 09:43:26 AM »
The "AC/2 Dakka" and "Crazy Minigun Version" builds for the JM6-DD are exactly the same. Probably a copy-paste mistake.
Show-Off / Re: MAD-IIc-A "Chainsaw"
« Last post by Kerafyrm on December 21, 2016, 02:45:17 PM »
Personally I'm more of a dakka assault player, push in w team and don't worry about heat management and twist while jammed, so I opted out of the lasers in this mech.  Problem I found with having lasers in arms on this mech is that the arms get blown off so quickly that it wasn't worth it to even have them.  I'm purely a solo player, never done a game in a group, currently in tier 1 and as soon as people see the A variant, they immediately go for that right torso.  Due to that, I find that I have to be overly protective of my right side, and that leads to weapons in the left arm getting popped off really fast.  It still works though, I ran 4x MPL for lasers w 3xUAC5s I think.  Was pulling in around 500-700 a game easily, but usually lost 2 MPL really quickly so I dropped it and went with asymmetry build on right side only using PPCs.  Survivability went up a bit after this switch and it felt less wasteful because I can lose my left arm and not care about it.  UAC5x3 can run w 2 PPCs and its literally the 3R but better, a little too hot for my taste though.  I'll be testing the UAC10+2xUAC5s PPC in FP tonight per recommendations of GMan.  Been using a 2xUAC10, UAC2+PPC build to great success though, and its really simple on the hands, 2 weapon groups, 1 UAC group, other one is PPC+UAC2.

current stats for mech so far:  1 hr 45 min played.  6 win, 8 loss.  .75 W/L, 20 kill, 8 death, 2.50 k/d.  just finished getting 3 of the chassis's first 8 skills, so I think I will go on and elite this one first.  The other 3 from the reg pack are just laser voms...tried lrms on them, hated lrms. 
Show-Off / Re: MAD-IIc-A "Chainsaw"
« Last post by 762 NATO on December 21, 2016, 01:19:00 PM »
So, after "main"ing this mech since it dropped, I have the following to say:


Also, I tried the UAC10, 2UAC5, 4MPL thing for a day (12-ish drops) and it was lackluster.  Too many jams.  The constant stream of dakka is neat, but spreads too much when the target is rolling damage.  Please remember that I am mostly a solo PUG player (more than 85%).

The key to this build is the weapon groups, as is often the case with mixed builds.  I run with Group 1 as Dakka, Group 2 as All Lazors, Group 3 as Left Arm, Group 4 as Right Arm, and Group 5 as LPL (even though they were nerfed, but sometimes you want them at 600 and the heat is not worth it for the ERMLs).  I retract my comment about the ammo drop for TarComp.  Not worth it.  Sometimes you just have to carry harder.  Group 1 is basically heat neutral when jamming happens.  Each arm is heat neutral after the LPL hits cooldown.

The modules (RIP, I will miss you guys) that I run are Radar Derp, Seismic, UAC10 Cooldown and erML Range.  I chose the erML range over the LPL Cooldown because it is hot enough already and I don't need help overheating it.  Also the range is just nice in general for those 400m pokes.

In summary, I love this mech.  It has done nothing but amazing things.  I haven't done this well in a mech since the KDK-3 pre-nerf.  Or for that matter, the Oxide pre-rescale.  I am not a comp player, so I end up with 3-6 KMDDs and 2-4 kills per match.  Often the KMDDs is more than double the kills.  My mentality on this is "I set them up, you knock them down".  My KDR is 1.67 in 8.5 hours (logged game time).  Overall, my KDR is lower than this.  33.5k damage in 71 matches.  But like I said, I am not a comp player. 

Enjoy! and Cheers!

Discussion Threads / Scouting Mode Update???
« Last post by InspectorG on December 20, 2016, 07:15:52 PM »
Is Scouting Mode improved/a thing now?

Strats the same? I know Clans lost the tonnage to use Crows but I'm an Ice Box man anyhow.


MG buffs?

Is Scouting full of potatoes? Or are players decent? Comms?

I pray Scouting is a thing now, I want to believe...
Show-Off / Re: MAD-IIc-A "Chainsaw"
« Last post by 762 NATO on December 16, 2016, 09:03:10 AM »
Its a bit heavy on the ammo, which is nice in FW.  But for PUG or Group it might be improved by dropping a ton for a TarComp1.

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